Jul 18, 2009


That's how many square feet our apartment is. A tiny little one-bedroom apartment that is holding a living room, dining room, Ben's studio (he's an artist), our bedroom and bathroom. We've lived here since August 2007 and our lease is up February 9, 2010. (Not that I'm counting or anything).

I'm so ready to move. We renewed our lease for 15 months so we wouldn't have to move right before Thanksgiving, but I can't wait until February! Don't get me wrong, our apartment complex is nice but Ben and I are both ready for something bigger. The idea that he could have his own room just for him to draw makes me smile. And the fact that we wouldn't have to have so much furniture in our bedroom (my desk included), would be just...fabulous.

684 square feet for another 207 days. But again, not like I'm counting.


Anonymous said...

What, you think you are going to write a musical called "Rent" and change the lyrics? Six hundred eighty-four square feet ....

Becky said...

Wow. Just wow.

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