Jul 22, 2009

Elevator Etiquette

5 Things you shouldn't do in an elevator:
  1. Sing or hum loudly enough for others to hear.
  2. Go beyond small talk into actual conversation with strangers. For example, I've gotten the question, "so what are you doing this weekend?" or in the November/December timeframe, "what are you doing for the holidays?" I'll smile at you when you say "another day, another dollar," like I haven't heard that 8 billion times before, and I'll chit chat, but why would I want to tell you my personal business when I probably wouldn't recognize you if I passed you walking down a hallway? I'd rather stand in silence, thanks.
  3. Assume other people know what floor you're going to and expect them to push the button for you. Your can lean forward and extend a finger.
  4. Crowd around the door of an opening elevator - if there are people on it that need to get off let them by before you barrel in. If you get elbowed by someone coming off an elevator when you're coming on, you probably deserved it. Just sayin'.
  5. Go down one floor. Seriously?! Suck it up and take the stairs for one flight. You're going DOWN, it's not work! Unless you are injured, there is no excuse. (Except that you are lazy).
Did I miss anything?

Oh, and just so you this doesn't put you in a totally annoyed mood, enjoy the cutest picture ever of otters, courtesy of I can has cheezburger:


Darcie said...

I disagree a little with number 2. I have a hard time doing this, but my dad is amazing at getting into conversations with people and finding out the similarities they/we have. We've met some great people from all over the world and have even kept in touch with some of them or if not we've found out about great resturants/deals/places to go that we never would have known about. And in most cases, we've walked away feeling great about the exchange, it's like having a small little moment of joy in my day.

Becky said...

You've stayed lifelong friends with people between two or three floors?!

Anonymous said...

How about asking "Who cut the cheese?" Or just sayig "excuse me" and wave your hand behind your ass before you get off.

Becky said...

Again. Wow.

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