Jul 19, 2009

Meet my niece!

I am aunt!!! Madison Renee was born at 8:08 PM today, via c-section. Four pounds, 1 ounce, and 17 inches long with lots of hair! Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing well. The hand in this picture would be my brother Jimmy (her daddy!) - and I love it because his hand is almost bigger than she is!
My sister-in-law Julie was hospitalized Friday because of Toxicimia (sp?) and they induced this weekend - this was something else I found out about Friday afternoon (coming back from the wedding), but I couldn't talk about it until we knew more details.
Today was a waiting game, but she's finally here!!! My brother said he held her, then put her down so the doctors could check her vitals and he said "hi sweetheart, I'm your daddy," and she stuck her tongue out at him! Love it!!!

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