Jul 26, 2009

My Moving Challenge

Okay, so I've been a weight watcher since early November of 2008, and to date have lost over 25 pounds. (Wahoo!) One of the elements of weight watchers is to "move more" and incorporate more exercise. 

I'm lazy. I don't like to exercise. But at this point if I want to lose more weight I have to get my butt in gear. I know working out is good for me and I always feel good afterwards, but I want to prove once and for all to my mind that working out shows results on the body and on the scale. 

So, I am imposing a moving challenge for myself starting tomorrow, Monday, July 27th. The challenge is for me to do some kind of exercise every day for a week and a half. I say a week and a half because I go to my weight watcher meeting every Thursday evening, and while I'll hopefully have loss on the scale this week, sometimes it takes your body a little bit to adjust to the exercise and to show results, and I figure by the time next Thursday comes around (after a week and a half of exercise) I'll see results as well. I'm hoping by then it will be such a part of my routine that I can make it a regular thing. 

I'm not going to say go to the gym, because there's plenty of ways to exercise without doing that, and I don't want to give myself the excuse of "oh the gym wasn't open at this time so I couldn't work out." I will report back throughout the week and a half, and feel free to ask/encourage/yell at me about it to keep me accountable. (Oh, and so far so good on the honey test - more to follow).

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