Jul 11, 2009

Review: Twilight

I was trying to decide what the first book review should be - I've read SO many good books! However, I will be giving honest reviews about books (good, bad, and in between) so I decided to start with a not so good review. Here we go.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 

Big thumbs down. I know this is the first in a four set series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn), but I could barely get through the first book and have NO intention of reading anymore of them. 

  1. The writing was crappy. I struggled through most of the book - Meyer did a good job painting the picture of high school life, but the relationship between Edward and Bella (the two main characters for those who have not read it), never drew me in. There were times in the book where the dialogue was so bad that I groaned out loud. I kept telling myself the story would get better the further I read and it never did. It was wordy, at times painful, and the only thing that made me finish was all the reading I had to do in college as an English major. I was trained to finish a book once I started it, no matter how horrible it was.
  2. The Bella/Edward relationship is the WORST "love" story I've ever read. I hate to even say love story, because the relationship between these two teenagers is at best unbelievable. It's one thing to find your true love in high school - but there's a difference between love and obsession. A healthy relationship does not consist of only two people. You have to be an individual to be part of a couple, and almost from the moment Bella meets Edward she can't function without him, and doesn't have the need to be around anyone else. The fact that he could kill her at any second (because he is after all a vampire), seems to excite her more than worry her. Hmm.
  3.  This is a young adult novel. Young. Adult. As in, 12 and 13 year olds are reading this novel thinking that true love means never being able to be without the other person. This is not okay! What is this novel saying to young, impressionable girls? That this is a healthy relationship? That it's normal to be this obsessed with someone and cut yourself off from everyone else in your life? That it's okay to prefer being killed by your true love than having to live without him? I don't care how many 20 something or 30 something year olds read this book, bottom line, this is a book for young adults, and the fact that there's now a huge fan base that's encouraging this "love" story makes me very, VERY worried.
  4. This book could have been 150 pages shorter than it was. Scenes were dragged out, there were what seemed like endless paragraphs about how Bella couldn't stop obsessing over Edward, and there were waaay too many stolen glances described. They're "in love." We get it. Let's move on. (What is it about vampire books that requires unnecessary information? Read Bram Stoker's Dracula and you'll know what I'm talking about).
  1. I really only have one. The last hundred pages or so were...okay. For those of you who have read the book - when they start playing the baseball game, it picks up a little. If (and this is a big if), the whole book had the consistency of those last hundred pages, I might have considered reading the next one. (However, I heard in New Moon Bella pines for Edward for a decent amount of the book, so then again, maybe not). 
There was a post on one of the Glamour blogs, Smitten about Twilight (though more the movie than the book), back in May. The post was talking about the love between Bella and Edward, and comparing Twilight to Harry Potter. Again, the post was more about the movie than the books, but a lot of the comments addressed the books. There were a lot of good comments - most of which are in favor of Twilight (I know I'm in the minority of not liking it), but my absolute favorite comment came from the poster daydream11:

"I'd rather have my own epic tale, thank you very much. Bella and Edward have the most unhealthy relationship I have ever seen in literature, and perhaps it's as unhealthy as it is because Meyer believes it to be positive. Edward is a controlling douche; Bella is a girl without a spine. Her world revolves around him; last time I checked, strong women have interests, hobbies, goals, and dreams that do not always include their men. I'm barely 16, and I hate Twilight with a burning passion. I have all four books (I didn't buy them, though; they were a gift) and I've seen the movie, and they all disgust me. FYI, I read Harry Potter after I read the Twilight series, so when I say that Twilight has nothing on Harry Potter, I'm unbiased. Harry Potter kept me interested. Twilight left me bored."

Ah, vindication is sweet. Daydream11 I heart you, wherever you are. (I won't even go into how Harry Potter is on a level that Twilight could never even dream of attaining).

Feel free to disagree below - and I promise to post a happier review soon.


Kristen said...

I agree & disagree with you. I loved Twilight because it perfectly describes your first love in high school where you are completely obsessed with them. I definitely agree with you and Daydream11 about it not being a healthy relationship and that Bella definitely needs a life of her own. Also, I'm team Jacob all the way.

Becky said...

Haha, Team Jacob!

Anonymous said...

Nothing dies on the Internet; the old warning has turned out to be true. One and a half years after this post, I'm flattered and honored that you thought highly enough of my review to post it here on your blog. Thank you.


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