Jul 30, 2009

Sisters by blood, friends by choice

My sister is probably one of the funniest people I know. She's tough (she backpacked in Glacier National Park and across a good part of Scotland - by choice), she's thoughtful, and we sometimes share a brain (it's kind of scary how we can follow each other's logic).

(This is us smelling a book. Yes, you read that correctly. Hmm, now I want to go paint my fingers nails red).

Her name is Jen, but I never call her that. There are lots of nicknames I use, but most of the time I call her peepee. (That's a whole other post in itself - I'm not even completely sure how that nickname started, but I know being tired had something to do with it). Despite the fact that we get weird looks when we're out in public ("peepee come here" isn't a phrase people outside our family hear everyday), it's one of our silly weird quirks. That list also includes how we both snort when we laugh, how we both have dry senses of humors (and sometimes a little twisted), and we both are passionate about family to a fault. The other day I was driving near the mall and some idiot almost didn't stop at a stop sign and almost hit the passenger side car (where Jen was sitting). I honked and said a few *choice* words, but my reaction wasn't "don't hit me," or "don't hit my car," it was "don't you hit my sister you *****!"

However, for as much as we're similar, we are also opposites and I love that we not only know that about each other, but encourage it as well. I'm outgoing, she's a little quieter. (Okay, a lot quieter, but that's only because I'm loud). I'm more comfortable giving a presentation, whereas she's a lot better at test taking. (I loathe standardized tests). I like good music, she likes weird music. Just kidding!

She's going to college in the fall and I'm going to miss her like crazy (right now she's less than five minutes away), but I'm soooo proud and excited for her I can't wait! There will be lots of pictures when I visit her at school.

Okay, bragging/sappy session over. My sister rocks. End of story.


Sarah Jio said...

I LOVE the smell of books! xo, Sarah :)

Jennifer said...


i suck at tests tho, thats something we have in common lol :]

Jennifer said...

and i just want you to know that i snorted about "peepee come here" and the weird looks in public. its so true :)

Anonymous said...

NEither one of you is quiet. And neither of you is a morning person, although Jennifer grunts instead of attacking her cereal.

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