Aug 11, 2009

A break up letter to my shoes

Dear Black Pumps,

We've been together for awhile now, but our relationship is just too painful to continue. You used to be my favorite pair of heels, but the lack of support you are now providing is not worth the wincing and grumpy disposition I possess every time I slip you on.

Maybe it's partially my fault - I did wear you more than any other pair of heels I have - and for the price I paid you served me well. But you're falling apart and I just can't stand to see either of us go on this way.

It's time to say goodbye. So tonight, when I sigh in relief as I slide my burning feet out of you, it will be for the last time. I won't miss the agony you so easily bestowed upon me, but I will miss your sleek design, and the extra three inches you added to my height.

I'll think of you from time to time - and I promise to wait at least 24 hours before finding your replacement.

With Love (and regret),


Kristen said...

BAHAHAHA story of my life! You're so funny!

Becky said...

What's worse is by the end of the day I forget how much pain they cause me - I really had to MAKE myself throw them away!

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