Aug 27, 2009

The first five things

Just for fun! The first five things that come to my mind as I'm typing this:

  1. Mmm, cake
  2. Mmm hmm hmm this is love (now I have that song from Cinderella stuck in my head)
  3. Vacations - I need one - and not going for an event (i.e. wedding, baby shower, etc.) Just a come and go as you please, sleep in, no responsibility kind of vacation
  4. I wonder if Jillian and Ed will actually stay together
  5. I'm so ready for cool, crisp, fall weather!
Your turn! It doesn't have to make sense - don't think about it, just list the first five things that come to mind after reading this. Go. Happy Friday!

(Photo: Sandra Juto via A Cup of Jo)


Amber said...

Sleep would be nice right now.

I'm hungry.

Hahaha. Sleep and hunger is all I seem to have on the brain today!

Happy Friday :-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

1. I'm so glad that work is over for the week.
2. I wonder how early I can go home tomorrow night w/out being considered lame.
3. I wonder how my 5 miles training run is going to go tomorrow.
4. Will my new shoes give me blisters?
5. I hope when I meet up with a friend on Sunday that she prefers a movie to a walk. Becuase I will be tired from my 5 miler.

This was fun! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

1. What i need to buy for thanksgiving on Sunday, I am Canadian and this Thanksgiving weekend, Thank good for long weekends.

2. About starting a Blog, I have wanted to for a very long time, but don't know what to write about, after reading most of your blog all morning, at work mind you, i think i am going to start.

3. What to eat, it is almost lunch.

4. How I really don't feel like doing any work.

5. Planning a trip to B.C. and Alberta next summer for my cousin's wedding, and how much fun it will be.

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