Aug 27, 2009

Ham, ham, ham, ham

No I'm not talking about it with green eggs. But that's the book a guy in the cafeteria at work today should have been reading. I was moving along the salad bar and he stops one of the ladies who works there and asks what happened to the ham. When she gave him what I can only assume was a weird look (I was in front of him, I couldn't see her), he goes, "Ham, ham, ham, ham?"

Me (thinking): Um, why did you need to say that four times?

Guy to the lady: There used to be ham as an option here, do you not have it anymore?

Obviously not dude, otherwise it would be up there.

Guy still talking (not giving the woman a chance to answer): You know, the ham for the salads? Ham? The ham? Do you have ham?

Uh, could you please stop talking?

He was still talking when I walked away. Poor woman.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow. Some people are so rude and have NO social skills!!

Jennifer said...


Amber said...

UGH! I HATE ppl like that, seriously buddy, shut up already!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so WEIRD.

And he REALLY likes ham huh?

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