Aug 24, 2009

Morning Chit Chat

Good morning lovely readers! How was your weekend? 

The wedding was fun, and I am now gearing up for a crazy couple of weeks. 

What's coming up:
  • We're dog-sitting for my in-laws (the dog's name is Dude and his debut on the blog will be later this week)
  • My parents' 30th wedding anniversary is this week :)
  • My dad's having surgery this week
  • I have a baby shower to attend this weekend
  • I'm hosting book club this weekend
  • My sister goes to college this weekend
  • When my in-laws get back Ben and I leave two days later to go meet Madison!
It'll be a busy couple of weeks but I'm really excited about everything! How are you doing? Any of you taking an end of summer vacation? Can you believe next week is September? I'm ready for fall, but can hardly believe it's the end of summer!


Amber said...

I can't believe how fast this summer went by either! I am excited for fall because it's my favourite season, but I'm not excited for what will come afterwards - snow and winter!!

Sounds like you have a busy couple weeks coming up, enjoy!

Becky said...

Snow and winter aren't bad, but ice is a whole other story!

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