Aug 18, 2009

Our Possessed Microwave

About six months after we moved into our apartment, the microwave started randomly beeping when it was not in use. The first few times (over the course of a couple weeks) it was always after we had just used it, and I chalked it up to us not closing the door properly, or not turning the time off completely. But then it started happening again. And again. And again.

It beeped when no one was using it. It beeped when no one was near it. This was the microwave that came in our apartment so we couldn't just replace it (the apartment complex had to do it for us). Past experience has taught us that sometimes putting in a maintenance request is more trouble than it's worth, and since the microwave was still working fine, we decided to laugh when it beeped and not worry about it.

This was of course, until it started beeping every few hours. Every hour. Every five minutes. We put in a maintenance request which was taken care of within 24 hours probably because the lady on the phone with me could hear the beeping in the background. However, we still had to get through a night of beeping before the microwave was replaced.

At this point I bet you're thinking, duh, why didn't they just unplug it? Oh we did my friends. We did. It still beeped. That's right! Unplugged from the electrical outlet - it still beeped! (Do you see why we think it's possessed?) It got to the point where Ben was having a battle of wills against the microwave (which he definitely lost).

He would plug in the microwave, use it (again, it worked just fine except for the beeping!), unplug it, and then stare at it, silently daring it to make a noise. It didn't disappoint. It would beep he would yell and smack the side of it. Good times.

So the new microwave is installed (and by installed I mean set on the counter and plugged in - good work maintenance crew), and all is right with the world. Until the new microwave started beeping. I kid you not.

By now we've determined it must be something with the wiring in the outlet it's plugged into because none of our other kitchen appliances act up like this. That, or we just have feisty microwaves. Most of the time the beeping makes us laugh and roll our eyes. When it gets frequent we unplug it, and for good measure Ben stares at it every so often.

Never a dull moment.


Amber said...

Omg, that is SO creepy and would drive me absolutely nuts!

I hope you get the problem figured out soon!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Holy creepy! I could see myself taking a baseball bat to it! I do not do well w/ beeps. They annoy me very quickly!!

Anonymous said...

peepee...i snorted during this post. mostly at the fact that i can TOTALLY see ben standing there staring at it, and then when it did beep him going AHHH! and then hitting it :]

Amanda said...

this brought TEARS to my eyes... at work, no less... oh-my-freaking-gosh...

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