Aug 20, 2009

So quotable

My mom is hilarious. To prove this to you lovely readers I would like to share some of the sage pieces of advice she has given me over the years.

In high school as she was holding my hair back when I was throwing up (sorry for the visual, but it's necessary for the quote): I'm sorry you're sick, and I know throwing up is the worst. But I want you to remember this when you want to have sex, because this is what morning sickness feels like.

When she was teaching me how to drive: Squirrels will run. Birds will fly. Everything else you brake for.

After Ben and I got engaged: Being engaged is like being pregnant. Everyone's going to have an opinion, so you just smile and then go do whatever the hell you want.

When Ben and I get stressed about money: If money's the biggest concern in your marriage, then consider yourself lucky.

Sound advice, but it's the analogies that really make it memorable.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

HILARIOUS! Your mom is so funny. My fave is the morning sickness one! What a gem your mom is!

Amber said...

Those are GREAT! Haha, your mom is hilarious!!! I love the one about driving because I always get freaked out about hitting little birds and squirrels and they ALWAYS move at the last minute!!

Megan said...

My personal favorite, which pretty much is the answer to all life's questions:

"You're just dehydrated."


Becky said...

Oh my gosh, how could I forget "you're dehydrated!" :)

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