Aug 2, 2009

Weekend fun: Hilarious but useful website

Have you ever been sitting in a movie and you really have to go to the bathroom but you're afraid you're going to miss something good? Your problems are solved my friend. There's a website called, that lists current movies in the theater and tells you when is a good time to go to the bathroom during them.

You click on the name of the movie, it tells you when to go to the bathroom, tells you how many minutes you'll have, and even tells you what you'll miss during that time you're gone. (You have to unscramble it so you don't see the spoilers when you first load the page).

Hilarious, but totally helpful, no? Visit the website here.


HC said...

Adam loves this site! He checks before most movies so I know when to go :)

Becky said...

That's awesome! It makes me laugh but it seems so useful!

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