Aug 19, 2009

What's on your mind?

Morning! We are halfway through the week - how is yours going?

I'm singing in a cousin's wedding this weekend, and I've practiced a couple times, but will probably try to squeeze in another session or two before I leave Friday. I wonder if my co-workers will think I'm weird if I hum wedding music for the rest of the week?

What's on your mind today? I'm focused on this wedding, but at the same time I cannot wait for our anniversary (early October). We are going to Baltimore, MD (Inner Harbor) for a night and I'm really looking forward to it. We've had a crazy year and our anniversary always serves as a good time to just relax, reconnect and have some us time!

What are some plans on your horizon that you're looking forward to?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What songs are you singing for your cousins wedding? I love wedding music. :)

What's on my mind is how badly I want it to be Friday. Hurry the heck up, Friday! I have some changes on the horizon w/ work, so I am antsy for it to be Labor Day because then those changes will be really close!

Amber said...

I am a terrible singer - so if I was in your shoes I would NOT be looking forward to it, haha!!

I am looking forward to school starting again. I'm ready to mix up my routine a bit!

Becky said...

Lisa - I'm excited to hear about these changes work-related!

They're having a full Catholic Mass and they've picked some great music:! Kyrie, The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (psalm), Celtic Alleluia, Here I Am Lord, and Deep Within (in addition to all the regular mass parts - the holy, lamb of God, etc). I actually didn't know Deep Within and now it's one of my favorites - the melody is just so beautiful!

Amber - what are you taking this year?

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