Sep 22, 2009

Don't Toy With Me!

Let's talk nail polish. I'm kind of a snob. I rarely use anything other than OPI colors, and I have two conditions when I buy them. The name of the color has to make me laugh, and I have to actually like the color (and yes, in that order).

Some of my favorites: Don't Toy With Me!, I'm India-mood for love, Bastille My Heart, Vodka and Caviar, Miami Beet, Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI has a fun tool on their website where you can see what each color might look like on your hand. Click here to use it. (Warning, it's kind of addicting).

Some OPI shades I've heard good things about but haven't tried yet - I'm Not Really A Waitress (a shade of red) and You Don't Know Jacques (a cool gray). The next color I want to try: Black Cherry Chutney.

Any other nail polish snobs out there? What are some of your favorite shades? Any colors you stay away from? Oh, and happy first day of autumn!

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(Photo: DaDaAce)


Nicole said...

The names of those shades of nailpolish are great! I don't really use nailpolish, but I do have one bottle of OPI. It's some hot pink color that I like wearing on my toes in the summer. But summer is gone and hooray autumn!

Darcie said...

Ahh...Fall and OPI nail colors! Yes, I am a fan of I'm not really a waitress, and my absolute favorite Vampire State Building.

I recently got polish from ELF and I'm not really happy with these. The only one I really like is the royal purple. Coral and Berry Pink are not what I expected.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love their clever names! I just never use nail polish. Mostly because if I do polish my nails, it looks like a 5 year old did them!! :P

Amber said...

I have this weird thing with nail polish where if I put it on my fingernails I SWEAR my hands feel heavier and it drives me crazy.

I'm strange.

I do, however, always paint my toenails!!

Happy first day of Fall!!!

Brooke said...

What a great post for the first day of fall! I was actually thinking this morning that I can finally bring out all my dark fall colors again.

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