Sep 28, 2009

The Gruesome Twosome

Good morning! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

I'm really late in answering some questions that came out of this post. The lovely Lisa asked the following:

What were you like as a child?

Ohhh, that's a loaded question. To say the least, I was a feisty little troublemaker. However, I did provide my parents with a plethora of funny stories. And yes, dear readers, in case you haven't smiled yet this Monday I will give you three examples - all of which involved my older brother Jimmy.

  1. The Christmas tree debacle
  2. Playing dead
  3. The slap heard 'round the living room

The Christmas tree debacle

My family has always had an artificial Christmas tree. One year, Jimmy and I managed to knock/pull it down twice in one week. The first time we were chasing each other around the living room and I dove under the tree to escape him, knocked the base loose, and it came crashing down. We've also always had an angel at the top of our tree, not a star. Jimmy managed to convince me that since my Dad sometimes called me "his little angel," I should be at the top of the tree. That's right. I actually tried to climb up the tree. (I didn't get very far).

Another time (not sure if this was all the same year - for my parents' sake I hope not), my Dad was upstairs in our house and hears, "wheeeeeee!" followed by a crash. "Wheeeee!!!!" CRASH. He comes running downstairs and actually stopped in his tracks because he couldn't believe what we were doing.

Jimmy was standing on top of this bouncy play horse we had, pulling the breakable ornaments off the tree (they had been strategically placed at the top), handing them to me, and I was throwing them up in the air screaming "whee!" and then laughing as they crashed and hit the patio door behind me, shattering to pieces.

Playing dead

This one I completely blame on Jimmy. He convinced me this was a good idea. (I just wanted to preface this story with that). One morning Jimmy and I decided to entertain ourselves by standing on the bottom step of our staircase and jumping off. As time went on we got bored with that, and decided to go up two stairs and then jump. Then three stairs. (You get the picture). Our dad told us repeatedly to stop which we did while he was around and then went right back to it when he went upstairs. He heard us jumping and landing again and yelled a threat from the room he was in. The noise stopped so he figured he made his point. Not so much. The next thing he knew Jimmy was racing up the stairs yelling, "Dad! Dad! Becky's dead!"

They both run back down and my dad sees me on the floor at the bottom of the staircase, arms strewn about, completely still. He about had a heart attack. He rushed over to see if I had a pulse and starts feeling for broken bones, and then he saw a tiny little smile on my face. He wanted to kill us. (I mean really, can you blame him?) To this day Dad still tells me I missed my calling as an actress.

The slap heard 'round the living room

This incident happened when Jimmy and I were a little older. (I think my younger sister Jennifer was born by then but since she wasn't explicity involved I can't be sure). Jimmy was watching TV the show was not holding my interest at all. He had the remote and I asked if I could see it. He said no. I told him I didn't want to change the channel I just wanted to hold it and look at the buttons. (Completely true. I had a weird obsession with that particular remote the buttons were multi-colored). He wasn't convinced and wouldn't let me hold it. I tried bargaining with him for a few minutes and then started whining - when he told me to shut up because I was being annoying my frustration had reached its peak. Then I had an idea.

I snatched the remote from him and in one swift moment I slapped my own leg with it and then screamed in pain. I threw the remote back at a flabbergasted Jimmy just before my mom came running into our living room. I told her Jimmy wouldn't let me hold the remote and when I asked him over and over he got annoyed and hit me with it. Jimmy of course denied this (he was innocent after all), but the red mark on my leg and the tears in my eyes were pretty good evidence - he had to turn the TV off and go to his room. I got to hold the remote. (For those of you feeling bad for Jimmy, know that he did come in my room later and wreck my Barbie rocker van as revenge).

These are just a few specific examples - my brother and I of course had more to our relationship than just trouble making, but man were we good at it! To this day I still think of Jimmy whenever I eat mixed vegetables. (We had a pretty sweet deal at the dinner table. He didn't like carrots and I hated lima beans, so we would trade). This is a picture my mom took on her phone Sunday and sent to my brother, with the caption that I needed him to finish my lima beans for me.

So thanks Lisa for that question - this was a hilariously fun post to write! What about you dear readers? What were you like when you were a child? Do you have siblings that got into trouble with you? Or were you a perfect angel (that maybe belonged at the top of a Christmas tree)?

Have a great Monday!


Nicole said...

Oh my, your stories are just too funny! I'm cracking up right now. :)

I'd say as as child, I was a little old lady. Seriously, I was such a nerdy little kid dressed up in cardigans and nerdy glasses.

I had a younger sister though who helped keep things interesting. We got into many physical fights with each other. I still maintain that the time I bit her on the cheek was an accident. She shouldn't have put her face in the way of my mouth.

Amber said...

Me and my brother were similar to you and your brother only I was the older one, haha. So I always used to tell him to do things that I knew would get him in trouble and would laugh hysterically when it happened.

I also used to get blamed for hitting, pushing, picking on him all the time once he learned to use the fact that he was the “baby” to his advantage!

This was a really fun post, thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Nicole: "She shouldn't have put her face in the way of my mouth." Classic! :)

BFraze said...

I believe you inherited your troublemaking genes from your father. God will reward you with a child like you.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I was pretty much a good two shoes! Total people pleaser so I tried to stay out of trouble. I always had my nose in a book! No surprise there. But I did manage to get in plenty of trouble. There were 5 kids in my family so you had to do SOMETHING to get some extra attention once in awhile - even if the reason for the attention was negative.

Oh and my older sister and I fought like cats and dogs. We actually just started getting along better. Yah, we are 28 and 31. And we still bicker at times, but I try to be more patient and 'be the bigger person' when conflict arises...

Glad you enjoyed answering this question!

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