Sep 14, 2009

Hey fellow bloggers - want a scarf?

Good morning! Have you ever had a day where you just lay around and relax and you get some stuff done but you're not worried about it too much? Yeah, that was my Sunday. Delightful!

How was your weekend?

FYI, Katie over at Loves of Life is hosting at scarf swap. Katie pairs you up with a fellow blogger - you have time to read their blog to get a feel for what you think they'll like and then you send them off a scarf, and get one in return. Nice, right? Click here to sign up!

Deadline is September 21st so hurry before time's up!

(Photo: c_c_frost)


the southern hostess said...

Such a cute idea! I'm loving your blog by the way.

Becky said...

Thanks! I'm off to look at your blog right now!

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