Sep 10, 2009

I need your help please!

The hubby and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary soon - wahoo!!! Our plan was to head to the Inner Harbor for a night, but because of all the different events we've had this year it really would be wiser for us to not spend the big bucks (even if it is just for a night).

I'm not going to lie - part of me is kind of p.o.'ed that we spent so much on other people (we had three out of town weddings in three months, two of which I was in, baby showers, etc.), we can't really spend money on ourselves. We are of course still celebrating, but I need some suggestions for fun, romantic things that are less expensive.

We will be picking up some cake from the vendor who did the cake for our wedding. (You're supposed to save the top tier for your first anniversary, but it was so good we ate it after the honeymoon!) I emailed the lady and she said she would be happy to make us another top tier and for a great price. (Yes, that was our cake - it was delicious! Buttercream frosting and seedless black raspberry filling...I can't wait).

Anyway, so if you would be so kind as to please please give me suggestions - any and everything will be considered! Maybe it's all the travel, but my brain is fried and I can't really think of anything. Thanks in advance! I promise to let you know what we decide!


HC said...

A friend of mine is going on a dinner cruise for her anniversary. She said they are running a special right now. I haven't looked at the site any, but Adam and I didn't do anything for our anniversary this year (I was sick) so I was interested in finding something for us to do, too. Here is the site
Whatever you do, it will be fun and special! You only have 1 2nd anniversary!!

Kristen said...

Go to the zoo! It's so much fun and fairly cheap. My bf and I did it for ours and really had a great time.

Amber said...

What about staying in a hotel in your town? Eric and I do that sometime, it can be SOO fun in relaxing to order room service, sleep in a big comfy bed and not have to clean up after yourself. Even if it means staying in the same town!

Enjoy your anniversary!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think the best gifts are the most thoughtful ones. Like for a boyfriend I once did a 'favorite things' gift so I had his favorite candy, soda, chips, and other stuff like that & then I included my favorite book (Tuesdays w/ Morrie).

Those are the gifts you remember. My best friend once got a box of gobstoppers from her husband for Vday. She opened it up & it was all reds (her favorite flavor!) he bought enough boxes so he could give her an entire box of red.

That's the stuff I love!

Anonymous said...

Check out the DC weekend section of the post, or online the DC Going Out Guide! There is always tons of free stuff (or inexpensive stuff)...concerts, shows, festivals, etc downtown! It would only cost the metro fare and food!

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