Sep 23, 2009

A list that's related to fall (AKA heaven)

Sarah over at Vitamin G inspired me with her post yesterday about her fall health goals. (Read it here). It got me thinking about what I want to do this fall for me - whether it's health, fitness, or just in general. 

Here's what I've come up with:
  • Make an optometrist appointment - I'm usually very good about going to the eye doctor every year but I realized the last time I really remember going I wasn't married yet. We're coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary - not good.
  • Along with that, I need to get back to the dentist. I had a root canal done last summer (my first) and it wasn't a horrible experience but I get so freaked out about the thought of the dentist I just push it out of my head. I definitely need a cleaning and I'm sure I have a cavity or two. (Ugh, the dentist - maybe this is why I hate it so much?)
  • Find a new general doctor for Ben and me. The guy we see now is nice but I feel like he always hurries me out of the office and gives me advice that is not worth my co-pay.
  • Treat exercise as something good as opposed to something required. (Lisa and Amber have been inspiring me with all their running). 
  • Take more walks - yes for exercise, but fall is my favorite season and I really want to enjoy the weather this year - and not just on the way to and from work every day.
  • Read more! (More to follow about the 2009 Busy Bookworm Challenge)

I'm sure I will think of more as I go along, but I think this is a good list to get me started. What are some things you want to do or accomplish this fall? 

(Photo: Sarah's Fab Day found via Walking Around)


Nicole said...

I'd definitely have to say taking more walks as well. I love the fall with the changing leaves and cooler temperatures. And I'm sure my dog would love the extra time outside as well.

Brooke said...

I agree with Nicole, having a dog really makes me find the time to get outside and walk. If you ever need a walking buddy, Bella is always available :)

Amber said...

Fun! I definitely want to spend more time outside soaking up the last of the warm weather and watching the beautiful leaves change colour! Fall really is my very favourite season!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well, I joined WW last October, right before Halloween, and I would like to reach goal by Halloween, which is the day I run my 1/2 marathon. I am about 8 pounds from goal, so I am getting close, but I know these last 8 are going to be tough to take off. And if I'm not at goal by 10/31, I am going to try to not be disappointed with myself!

Other than that, I just want to get off to a good start at my new job. I want to come in and prove that they made the right decision when they hired me!

Your list is great, though. I really should try to find a general practitioner, too. I go to someone right now but I don't love her. It's really freaking hard to find a doctor. I get overwhelmed by all the choices I have by living in a really big city. I have a OB that I go to, but need to find a Gp that I like as well!

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