Sep 1, 2009

A note to all the crappy drivers out there

Dear Stupid Northern Virginia Drivers,

I know you only see me on your commute into work and we don't know each other well, but I have a couple of things to tell you.

When a police officer has someone pulled over on the side of the road and is in the middle of writing them a ticket, they are not going to have time to pull you over as you go by, so slowing down and causing more of a traffic backup helps no one. (And in rush hour traffic the cop can't really pull you over for speeding when you're only going 10 miles an hour).

Please learn to gauge whether or not it's worth it to move in traffic. When I no longer see your brake lights my heart skips a beat - and then drops when I realize you let off your brake just long enough to creep forward six inches. This may be no problem for you, but I have a stick shift and allowing my numb left leg to enjoy feeling only to be slammed back into nothingness is really not enjoyable.

Texting while driving is now illegal in the state of Virginia. There are some things that are not illegal but still shouldn't be done. (Here's looking at you Miss-putting-on-your-mascara, and you, Mr-my-ipod-is-so fascinating).

If you want to merge, use your signal. Okay?

Traffic sucks. Everyone knows it. Taking it out on the other drivers doesn't help anyone.

Thanks for following these tips - it really will make everyone's life easier.


P.S. Oh, and when you cut me off and I honk at you, that does not mean "you're welcome," so don't wave at me like we're BFFs.


Jennifer said...

hahaha! that ps made me laugh. but i totally know what you mean about nova drivers, the majority of them are TERRIBLE. it wont be long before someone gets diagnosed with insanity due to nova drivers.


Emily Lockley said...

Wait... do we have the same commute? All I know is I pissed off someone the other day as I was putting on my mascara on the way to work (as I do every morning...)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Why are there so many crappy drivers out there. The gawker traffic is the worst! Why is it so interesting to look at someone pulled over? I think as an adult, we've seen that probably hundreds of time!!

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