Sep 14, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick

Patrick Swayze died tonight, at age 57, from pancreatic cancer. I've been editing this post for hours, and I still don't think I can do him justice. 

You see, Patrick Swayze was my first love. Seriously. I used to be obsessed with him. My best friend Megan introduced me to the movie Dirty Dancing for the first time in 7th grade, and I was hooked. I would scream when he came on TV, and I had all the songs memorized from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. (Did you know he wrote and sang "She's Like the Wind" in that movie? That would be the song playing when he says bye to Baby at his car when he's leaving Kellermans). 

I watched everything about him I could get my hands on - Ghost, Roadhouse, The Outsiders, Donnie Darko, Point Break, Red Dawn, the North and South mini series (for TV), even To Wong Fu (Thanks for everything Julie Newmar), where he dressed in drag! I took a Child Development class in high school and we had to have babies made out of a 5 pound bag of sugar. My "son's" name was Jonathan Cole Swayze. In college, when my best friend Megan got me an autographed picture of him I screamed so much her RA came into her room because he thought someone was being hurt. 

Am I painting a vivid enough picture for you? (And trust me, I'm leaving a lot out). I loved him as only a teenage girl could. Within 15 minutes of the news about his death I received three phone calls, six text messages, and two facebook comments.

To read Jennifer Gray's comments about him, go here. To read some basic information, go here. To see some photos, click through these pictures at To read another awesome tribute about him, go to Julie's blog Wearing Mascara. (It made me cry).

Some of my favorite lines from his movies:

"Ditto" (Ghost)

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner" (Dirty Dancing)

"I want you to be nice - until it's time to not be nice" (Roadhouse)

"This is my dance space, this is your dance space. Spagetthi arms!" (Dirty Dancing)

I am officially in a day of mourning for him. He was an amazing actor, and an incredible person. RIP sweet Patrick. RIP.

(Photos: here, here, and here)

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