Sep 9, 2009

Squinting is sexy

I keep forgetting to take my allergy medicine. It's generic and I really only need it seasonally, so if the pollen hasn't been too bad I typically stop taking it. This has lately led to me sitting at my computer at work alternating which hand to hold against my forehead. (It's probably all mental, but I think when I put pressure against my forehead it negates the sinus pressure I feel and makes it better). Then I contort my face and squint to try to alleviate pressure.

These headaches can probably also be contributed to me being dehydrated, and staring at a computer all day. (Note to self, make optometrist appointment soon). 

While my methods (when I don't have medicine at work) are all very scientific, I am more than willing to try other options. Anyone have suggestions - besides me not being lame and actually taking my medicine in the morning?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ooh, good luck. Allergies suck. I am good about taking my allergy meds in the a.m. but I suck at doing my nasal spray at night. I just hate doing it. I am such a baby & should just do it as i feel so much better when I do!

I think the best thing is to drink a ton of water!

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