Sep 8, 2009

We Made It (and some follow-up)

Good morning lovely readers! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when I was talking about all the craziness we had coming up in our schedule? It's hard to believe that's done now - this year has flown by so far.

I posted a little while ago and said I would answer questions if you had any. I only got one response (come out come out lurkers!) from Amber.

Did you go to post-secondary school, if so, what for? What do you do now, is it what you thought you'd be doing with your life if someone had asked you five years ago? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I graduated from college in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in English. A lot of people assume if you don't teach, you can't do anything with an English degree. Wrong. I come to love my degree more and more - you develop so many skills that are useful in the workplace. Communicating well with people, writing, the ability to gather your thoughts and present them in a concise manner, being able to break things down to show how exactly something would work - these are all skills I honed during my time at school and add that I'm a people person and you've got a pretty freakin' awesome employee. (If I do say so myself).

I'm not sure what I thought I'd be doing now - maybe teaching? I thought for a long time that's what I wanted to do with my life and while that didn't work out, I can't say I have regrets about it because I've had some great experiences working that I wouldn't have had as a teacher. Right now I work for a contracting company and the specific contract I work on is international - I'm supposed to travel in a couple months (more on that later), so it's definitely a great experience. (Plus I love my co-workers which for me can make or break a job).

As far as where I see myself in 10 years....hmmm...being happier with Ben than I even can imagine now, a kid or two under our belts (haha, figuratively not literally!), and in a job that makes me smile just thinking about it. However, if you asked me what that job was, I couldn't tell you. Whenever someone asks me what my dream job is I really don't have an answer. And I'm okay with that (for now). That's kind of what your 20s are about, right? Figuring out what you want to do with your life, and realizing what does (and does not) make you happy. So in 10 years as long as I'm still surrounded by loved ones and books I should be good. Ooh - books! Anyone want to pay me to read books all day?

Wouldn't this be a cozy place to read?

What about you dear readers? Is your career what you thought it would be? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? And if any of you have more questions for me, feel free to fire away!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my goodness, I just left a long comment & then my computer froze! Stupid computers!

Anywho, it's hard to say where I will be in 10 years because I never envisioned the life I am living 10 years ago. But if I had to venture a guess, I would say I am still in Minneapolis and still employed by the company I'll be joining next month. I hope I am living in a cute Tudor or Craftsman style home in this adorable neighborhood in South Minneapolis called "Linden Hills". It's my little slice of heaven here on earth. I hope I am still running & doing the occasional 1/2 marathon. And I hope I have a husband and maybe 2 kiddos. But we'll see. I really, really hope I am married, though. That is what I pray for every night, and wish upon stars & eyelashes for, but we'll see what God has in store for me!

I must have missed your question request post. Here are mine: What were you like as a child? How would you describe you sense of style? What is your favorite food?

Nicole said...

I'd say I haven't yet reached my career, I still just have a job. So no, definitely not what I thought it would be. But that's why I'm going back to school to hopefully find that career in a few years.

Becky said...

Ohhhhh Lisa - you just gave me a great idea for a series post! I will be following up with these answers soon! Thanks for the questions!

Amber said...

Thanks for answering my question, girl!!

I totally agree that an English degree is GREAT and totally useful!!

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