Sep 21, 2009

Weekend Recap and a BIG shout out!

Good morning! How was your weekend dear readers? Mine was full of fall fun! But before I get to that, I'd like to give a big shout out to Danielle from Girls Night Out Custom Blog Designs. I wanted to have my blog match my personality, and Danielle made that happen! Note the new three column layout, new header and background - what do you all think? If you have a blog and want to make it over (or even change it up a bit with a new header or signature), definitely contact Danielle. She was funny, friendly, and so efficient. I emailed her Friday, and by Sunday afternoon everything was finished! (And that's with me being gone and not near a computer most of the day Saturday too). Danielle thank you so much for your patience and for a definite job well done.

Besides giving my blog a little nip here, tuck there, this weekend I visited my sister at college and went apple picking - both were fantastic! It was so great to see my sister
again - I didn't realize how much I missed her until I got to spend time with her again. (Oh and that's right - I'm wearing a green sweater).

I saw her campus (one of the buildings is called Rebecca Hall - how awesome is that?), and we found a great Italian restaurant within walking distance of her school. In typical Jen/Becky fashion, we also drove around a whole town trying to find a Chipotle, before realizing the it was on the opposite side of the shopping center we had just been in. (The people in there probably thought we were crazy because we walked in laughing hysterically at ourselves). She'll be home next weekend and I already can't wait to see her again!

Ben and I went apple picking with some friends Sunday, and while the orchard we went to had already picked the honey crisp apples off their trees, they still had them available and we got plenty. If you have never had a honey crisp apple, you need to get to store and buy some
right now. Seriously. They are crisp but sweet, not too tart - the best apples ever! I had never tried them until we went apple picking last year - we specifically went back to the same farm this year because we knew they would have honey crisp.

My friend Joe is also a big honey crisp fan. Can you tell how excited I was?

Do you see the size of the apples? (Typing that made me think of Good Will Hunting). Seriously though, they are so big! Typically you need three to five apples to make an apple pie and I think I might only need two because of their size!

But enough about my weekend - how was yours? What did you do? Did you take any trips, or just relax and lounge around? And please let me know what you think of the new blog look! Happy Monday everyone!


Amber said...

Love your new blog design! Especially the header, it looks SO good!

Those apples look delish!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow - love the new design! So chic! I should look into doing this. Mine is kind of drab! :P

I adore Honeycrips. I just bought some at Super T this morning. Mmm. Can't wait to eat some.

I am jeaous of your sister time! Mine lives in Arizona, so we have to get by with phone convos & texting. And neither of us are phone people, so we mostly text and email. But it works. They will be moving back in 4 years, so I will have her in my area code some day. Can't wait!

Becky said...

Thanks ladies!!! :)

the southern hostess said...

The blog looks great!

Nicole said...

Mmmm... I'm hungry for apples now. I might have to check out the orchard around here.

And the blog looks good! :)

Emily Lockley said...

O goodness! I am so sorry I never got back to you about the blog-facelift!!! Ugh... I feel just awful. Oh, guess who's preggers? Your mom's old co-worker who moved back to Philly and got married in June. How's that for a hint???

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