Oct 20, 2009

Blog Giveaway Winner!

First off, thanks to all of you who entered - I am blown away by the fact that I have so many readers. And almost 100 followers?! Holy crap! Thanks!

The winner of my 100th post giveaway was randomly selected using a number system. And the winner is...

#130 = Janette from {un}Glamorous Giveaways

Congratulations Janette! (I'll be contacting you with further details).

I wish I could send you all a little something - but I had so much fun with this I will definitely be doing other giveaways. (Is it bad that I'm already planning the next one and it won't be for a few months?)

Thanks again dear readers! And just for you - a picture to make you laugh.

Seriously? You didn't laugh? Look at it again. (I'll wait). That's what I thought.

Happy Tuesday friends! (And seriously, thanks for reading!)

(Photo: i can has cheezeburger)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

:) That pic def made me smile!

And wowser 100 followers? That is awsesome!! Way to go you!

Giveaways are fun. I will either do one around my birthday in Feb or when I do my 300th post which will probably be around the holidays.

Amber said...

Hehehehe. I LOVE kitty picks!!!

Booo, I'm so sad I didn't win. Your giveaway seriously rocked though, Becky! One of the best ones I've seen for sure!! XO

val pal :) said...

i feel like that's the look we give a lot of our "peers"..on a daily basis.

Janette said...

That's me! I'm so excited I won. Definitely one of the coolest giveaways ever! Thanks!

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