Oct 21, 2009

But how am I gonna be beautiful?!

I was born with a birthmark on my left cheek. It has grown smaller over the years, but when I was little it was very pronounced.

Exhibit A

My parents didn't want me to be self-conscious about it, so they told me it was my "beauty mark" and it was what made me extra beautiful.

Apparantly one day someone at school commented that my birthmark was getting smaller and I came home in tears, and sobbed that if it was getting smaller, "how am I gonna be beautiful?!" (I actually don't remember what my parents told me).

That's my awesome mom in the back

It's share fun childhood story day - please tell me something funny, sweet, sad, or crazy from your childhood. Happy hump day friends!


Ashley Paige said...

What a sweet story...

When I was about three or four years old, I went to visit my Great Aunt who was a nun living in a home for retired sisters. I was riding an elevator with my parents, my Great Aunt and the home's Mother Superior. The sisters saw me staring at the large rosary hanging from one of the sisters' waists and they began to ask me, "do you know who this is?" As they pointed to Mary, I responded in my sweet little kid voice, "Yes, thats Mary! Jesus' Mommy." Then, they pointed to Joseph and I responsed appropriately, followed by lot's of Ooh's and Aah's! The sisters, along with my parents, were all beaming with pride. Finally, a real zinger, they point to Jesus and I say, "That's Jesus Christ!" And the sisters say in unison, "And who is he?" And with all the zeal I could muster, I say... "He's the man who drives in front of my daddy on the road!" .... We couldn't have walked off that elevator fast enough...

Nicole said...

I was about 2 years old and was eating a hot dog with my mom. I guess I took my hot dog off the bun. When my mom told me to put my hot dog back on my bun, I gave her a really confused look and stuck my hot dog on my butt... or my "buns" as my mom like to call it. Needless to say, it gave my mom quite a chuckle.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha! Sweet story.

Here's mine - When I was in 5th grade, I was convinced I had French ancestors. So when it came time to do reports on a composer, I INSISTED that my teacher give me a French composer. So she gave me Camille Saint-saens. And I gave my report in what I thought was a French accent. I wish I had a tape recording of this. Can't imagine what a 5th grader's impression of a French accent was like.

I was a weird kid. No wonder I wasn't popular!!!

Becky said...

HAHAHAHA I am loving these stories! Thanks for sharing, and keep 'em coming! :)

alovelymadness said...

In 1964 i was 6 and I spent a lot of time over at my BF Chrissy's house. She had a big family, 7 kids and her mom was very sweet to me as mine was very sick with cancer.
I loved that womans spare ribs and I was always invited over when she made them.
We were told on night to go wash up for dinner and Chrissy said she wanted to show me something in the bathroom.
There was this built in hamper thing where she pulled out this box that said "napkins". We proceeded to tie these "napkins" around our necks and went into the dining room, all ready to eat those messy ribs.
Imagine the look of horror on her teenage sisters and her mothers faces as we walked in with Kotex Sanitary napkins tied around our necks and took our seats.

And yes, they were called "Napkins" back then...hahaha

( for those of you too young to remember, Kotex pads used to extend in the front at back with 2 long pieces that were looped through a sanitary'belt' you wore around your waist)

Come on over to my giveaway if you like. I'd love to have you.

Amber said...

Hahahahaha. Awww you were SO cute too with your bright red head of hair!!

Oh god, childhood memory, ummm me and my BFF once tried to "adopt" a stray dog that was hanging around our school. We brought a blanket and food for it but we got in trouble by the lunch monitor haha!

the southern hostess said...

Such a sweet story!

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