Oct 23, 2009

Friday! Friday! Friday! (and yes I'm yelling this in the monster truck voice like Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!)

(*Disclaimer - this post is all kinds of random)

What is it about Fridays? Just hearing the word brings a smile to my face. How are you? Not so peppy yet? I think I can remedy that.

What? That absolutely glorious picture of fall didn't make you giddy with delight? That makes me sad for you.

So then let's talk about weekend plans. What are you up to? I'm taking my first ever yoga class, going to a winery to celebrate my bestie's birthday, and hiking with my mom and a friend. I'm thinking I will have lots of fun pictures next week to share with you. I'm also thinking I may be a wee bit sore.

And it wouldn't be Friday without the latest nail polish color, right? From me to you, OPI's Black Cherry Chutney.

I am fully aware this picture stinks, but I took like seven and this was the best of the bunch. The color is a beautiful deep purple and I would highly recommend it!

I was watching Friends last night - the Chandler/Monica proposal makes me cry. every. time.

And the latest quote I can't live without, courtesy of your wishcake:

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for."
- Epicurus

Happy Friday friends! Have a great weekend!

(*See? I told you! Random!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great quote!! Love it.

That color looks awesome on you. I am so terrible about painting my nails. But in my defense, it looks like a 4 yr old painted them when I try to do it myself. i suck.

My weekend is shaping up to be a blast. Tonight I am going to my aunt's for a 'cooking lesson'. A bunch of my family is going to be there - my parents are driving down from ND for the night so I get to see them and I think there will be about 16-18 of us in total? Then tomorrow night I have a dinner date w/ the boy and plan on wearing a fun new sweater dress that i recently bought.

That's about it! also need to squeeze in my final 1/2 marathon training run so I will most likely run 12 miles tomorrow morning after my parents leave. Wish me luck Yikes!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Nicole said...

Yes, this post was all sorts of random! I really like that color of nail polish. I, like Lisa, have the skills of a 4-year-old when it comes to painting my nails. So I don't do it often. Although I guess practice makes perfect.

I might also be going to a winery this weekend. My mom is coming down this afternoon, and we're going to have some fun together before going to a basketball game tonight.

Have a great weekend!

j said...

Great quote! Random is great fun. Have a fun weekend.

Angela said...

I love the nail polish color! I need to get out and buy some new colors.
That quote is fantastic, and it couldn't come at a better time!
Have fun this weekend!

Kristen said...

i love that color! kudos!

Amber said...

I love Friends SO MUCH! The Chandler/Monica proposal is SOOO sweet :-)

Have a good weekend!

Jennifer said...

1. You have way too many followers
2. Have fun dying with mom tomorrow
3. The nail polish looks good on you, but your hand is freakishly white in this picture.


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