Oct 26, 2009

My Red Balloon

Hello lovely readers! Today I'm participating in the 20 something bloggers blogswap. Please welcome the fabulous blogger from Autumn Twig! She's sharing an amazing story today, and even inspired me to write about some people that shaped me like the red balloon shaped her.

When I was a little girl, my English class asked us to carry the Peter and Jane book series as part of the curriculum, beginning with 1A and so forth.

I loved reading even then, but I can't deny the encouragement I received from the brightly colored hardback covers. Red, Blue, Yellow - they all beckoned at me warmly, "open me, read me, turn me, love me" (yes, I am alos obsessed with Grey's Anatomy dialogues). So while the teacher insisted on perfecting, "My name is Peter...My name is Jane," I was long gone ahead. Captivated by the stories of chocolate covered apples, kite flying and donkey rides on the beach, I began to relate myself to the lives of Peter and Jane. If they met a horse, I had to meet one too. If they went to the beach, I wanted to go too. I was even inspired to build my own tree house because of them. In fact, I even (almost) convined my sister and cousins to execute the dangerous plan (not really).

In one of the books, Peter, Jane, and their cousins write each of their names and addresses on a note and attach it to different balloons and fly them off. The balloons later float down to four different people who happily received and reply to the senders with storeis of how they found their balloons. The stories were full of happiness and friendliness. I was, of course, easily amused.

My parents, not knowing my intentions, let me buy the four gas balloons I wanted. On the terrace of our home, I handed three of them to my younger sister and two cousins. We scribbled our names and addresses on each not asking whoever found it to return it to us and bid them goodbye. As the last of them faded off into the ble sky, we wondered how long it'd be before we received a reply.

Days passed, then weeks, then months but no word came of the balloons' fate. I gave up after a while (couple of years)

This week as I agreed to take party in the 20SB blog sway, I thought of my Red Balloon all over again. As bloggers, we too escape reality, write our feelings down in an e-note and send them out in the world's web. We unconsciously hope that they may reach a recipient who finds comfort in our words and replies back. We find solace when someone connects with us and shares their online presence. And amongst all our red balloons, we then find joy.

This is my Red Ballon. If you find this, please return to Autumn Twig.

(P.S. Thank you Becky, for letting it float here awhile).

Thank you for such a beautiful post! What about you dear readers? Did you ever have a "red balloon?" Show some love for Autumn Twig, and hop on over to see my post on her blog as well! Happy Monday friends!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, beautiful post & great analogy. Autumn Twig is so right - all of our posts are like little Red Balloons that we are sending out into the abyss, hoping they will touch someone and elicit a response.

Holly said...

I remember watching a television show once where the characters did the same thing with balloons. After a birthday party, my sister and I wrote our own notes and set them free. I wonder whatever happened to them?

Wonderful post.

Holly said...

Oh no! I am trying to post a comment to your post, Becky, but I can't seem to access the comment form on Autumn Twig's blog.

I was going to say that I came across an article recently that said dad's with daughter's tend to be more liberal, and it got me thinking of how much my own dad has taught me and given me the tools to be independent. My dad has played a huge role in who I am today.

Tracie Nall said...

What a beautiful story!! I tried doing this when I was small, but I never received a reply either. So, here is my reply to your new red balloon!

Tracie Nall said...

Becky, I couldn't get Autumn's comments to work, but I wanted to tell you thanks for your post. It was a good reminder for me of the importance of raising my daughter with an independent spirit! Such an important thing!

Amber said...

Beautiful story!

Becky, I couldn't get Autumn's comments to work either but I loved your story. I feel like my strong, independent mother shaped me A LOT too. She is one of the most successful women I know and I definitely aspire to be like her!

Nicole said...

What a cute story. It reminds me of a time when I went to church as a little girl and we sent out balloons. I don't remember what the message was or why we were sending them. I was just sad that I couldn't keep my balloon. But I really like this story and the idea of sending something out and hopefully getting something back out of it.

Muznah said...

Ok I think I fixed the comments error so you can now leave your replies there.

Thank you :)

Nuzhat. said...

- a beautiful concept and a wonderful memory to re-visit. Life is cyclical sometimes, and when we can recycle the sweeter moments that have passed, it is so much more pleasurable. The simple joy of human interaction on a basic, honest level is what is lacking in the world today. We talk so much but we don't want to listen. If by writing down things like this we can reach some mutual ground of understanding - just imagine how wonderful it would be.

Wonderful post, Autumn Twig! And Becky: you are an extremely gracious host. Much blessings!

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