Oct 28, 2009

Think pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - and even though the month is almost over, I wanted to remind everyone about some great things you do to help support breast cancer research.
First up, a little shout out to Julie at JQ Lounge for listing some great purchases. (I love the wine bag!)

My absolute favorite website to visit is the Breast cancer site. You can click as many times you want every day and it helps fund free mammograms for women (you can also buy from their shop as well). There's also the fabulous Save the tatas website - anything you buy helps fight against breast cancer.

I'm also a big fan of Brides Against Breast Cancer, who teamed up with Making Memories. You can donate a wedding or bridesmaid dress, and they have huge trunk shows across the United States selling the dresses. All dresses are sold at a discounted price and all proceeds go to help make wishes for breast cancer patients (and their families) come true. (Read more about the foundation here).

The National Breast Cancer Foundation estimates that "one woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime."

What about you dear readers? Any foundations or charities you support that help benefit breast cancer research? If you would like to share any personal experiences you've had with breast cancer (friends, family, etc) - let's make today a safe zone - we're here to support you.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great post. My aunt had breast cancer, I think she was diagnosed 10+ years ago. She was in remission, but the cancer keeps coming back in different areas of her body, so she's been battling it for such a long time. She's such a strong woman and has the best outlook on life and such a positive attitude. She's such an inspiration to me.

It seems like everyone knows someone who has battled breast cancer. My favorite charity is the '3 Day Walk' - you walk 20 miles/day for 3 days. I might do it with my SIL this year in honor of her mom who died from breast cancer. I think the proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but am not 100% sure on that.

Nicole said...

I had never heard of the Brides Against Breast Cancer. That's such a neat idea! My grandma had breast cancer about 6 years ago. She beat that, but is now fighting some kind of blood cancer.

Amber said...

I'm a big supporter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation since heart disease runs in my family and both my dad and my grandma have suffered massive heart attacks.

My grandma on my dad's side at breast cancer a few years ago so it's another cause I hold close to my heart, too!

Thanks for a great post, Becky!

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