Oct 6, 2009

You and me walking together, screwing up for worse or for better

I wake up and realize we've been holding hands while asleep.

I can look at you from across a room and know exactly what you're thinking.

There is more to me when I'm with you.

You kiss me like it's the first time - and it still takes my breath away.

There's no way I can express in one small post how much I love you and what you've brought to my life.

Happy anniversary to my partner in crime, my confidant, my best friend, my husband.


Ashley Paige said...

Loooove those pictures!! Happy Anniversary!! There's nothing better than an October anniversary (ours is the 27th!) What a sweet post! <3

Nicole said...

This is so sweet! You look so beautiful in these wonderful pictures! Have a great anniversary!

Emily said...

Love you both! Congrats!!!

Brooke said...

I'm such a sap...I have tears in my eyes reading this and looking at these beautiful pictures! Happy anniversary to the most inspiring couple I know!

Amber said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! Happy Anniversary!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love those photos. Beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

So sweet! I love these pictures they are great!

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