Nov 20, 2009

Laughing at myself

Happy Friday readers! I am so happy it's the weekend, I could dance around with joy! Today I am thankful that it's Friday, but I am also thankful for the ability to laugh at myself.

Sarah over at Vitamin G posted yesterday about some of the funny stuff that she says. It was such a great display of not taking yourself too seriously - I loved it. (To read the full post, click here).

This week Ben and I have laughed in the middle of bickering because we realized we were tired and being ridiculous, I laughed one morning when I walked outside and saw my car covered in leaves (I mean covered!), and I smiled in a medical briefing I received (about my upcoming trip), when the lady looked me right in the eye and told me some diseases can be passed through rodents so if I see mouse droppings when I'm overseas I shouldn't touch them. (I think I should get a prize for not laughing in her face).

What about you lovely readers? Have you laughed at yourself this week? Does it help relax you? What are your plans for the weekend? What are you thankful for today? Happy Friday!

(Photo: Cocktails and Cashmere)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yep, I laugh at myself all the time. I think it's important not to take yourself too seriously. I laugh at myself all the time at work. Like when I totally can't put together a clear sentence and my co-worker looks at me like I am from mars - we always look at each other & then burst out laughing. I also trip and fall and do things like that quite a bit and usually laugh at myself.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I don't know if I laugh a lot, but I do try to take deep breaths before blowing up over something stupid. Later, I laugh that I'd even get upset over it in the first place.

I love how the lady gave you helpful advice about mice droppings. That actually made me laugh. Really? What sane adult picks up mouse droppings with their bare hands?

Darcie said...

You forgot one from this week...we had a nice laugh when you accidentally called me at 6:30 in the morning the other day! That actually was a nice start to the day!

I laugh at myself when I do something that I think is really fantastic and I think I'm "all that" and then I trip over my own two feet. I like to think it's some higher being telling me to remember who I am and not get too proud of myself.

Lucy The Valiant said...

WHAT? You mean we aren't supposed to touch foreign mouse droppings?? Who knew! But American mouse droppings are okay, right? Let's not get carried away now!

Amber said...

I definitely do. I can't think of any particular times when I laughed at myself this week but last night I went to an amateur comedy night with all my friends and I laughed my ass off! It was such a great way to spend the night and blow off steam. I love laughing until I have tears and that's totally what I did last night :)

BFraze said...

Don't take hantivirus lightly!
I always worried about the latrines at May Flather. You don't have to just touch them, don't stir them up!

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