Nov 13, 2009

Making Lemonade

Ah, Friday.


I relish Fridays. Even today. But once it becomes the evening, it's time for a viewing. And tomorrow is time for a funeral. A funeral I'm singing in, and can hopefully get through. (One song, no piano, just me and the music). So really, I'm not relishing this Friday - I'm looking forward to Sunday (and if we could skip Saturday altogether I would be okay with that).

However, in the spirit of making lemonade, I'm going to focus on things that made me smile this week:

Ben telling me that getting the newest Lady Gaga CD in his stocking for Christmas would be "fantastic!" (I laughed because I knew he was being serious).

Hearing that near the end, Carol opened her eyes, and when her husband kissed her, she kissed him back, and then closed her eyes for the last time.

The adorable son of our friends who had his first birthday Wednesday. Seriously - between him getting the hiccups, laughing over the penguin cup (with a built-in straw) that we got for him, or laughing when he got to hold a tortilla chip at lunch, he is irresistable. (Seriously - how adorable is he in this hoodie?!)

Getting a text from my sister while she was asleep that said, "I can't walk on my toes because they've been amputated. No ballet for meeee." (I should mention that she's never done any kind of ballet in her life. And I should also mention that her texting while she's sleeping is not an uncommon thing).

And last but certainly not least, all of you dear readers. Thank you for all your love and support. It was so comforting knowing that I could come here and have this incredible support system.

What made you smile this week? What do you have planned for this weekend? (Anyone superstitious? It is Friday the 13th).


Nicole said...

Aw, what a wonderful story about Carol. That makes me tear up.

And the texting story cracks me up!! My sister has done that before too! Although hers (somehow) make even less sense. Too funny!

Here's hoping you get through the weekend.

Muznah said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Carol. May God bless her soul and give you all courage to move on from thris.

But OH MY GOD! are you serious about the sleeptext?! That is hilarious

Jennifer said...

Don't judge me because I sleep text


Amber said...

Omg I can't believe your sister sleep texts!! That's HILARIOUS, I have never heard of that! Haha.

I'll be thinking of you tonight. You'll do great :)

Tracie Nall said...

ROFL...I have never heard of sleep texting, but I want to have someone send me hilarious things like that! Awesome!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your story about your sister texting you while sleeping made me smile. :) That is hilarious!!! Where you just like 'wtf' when you got that or what!!

I hope tomorrow goes ok for you. Hang in there. That is wonderful that you are singing at her funeral. So thoughtful & sweet of you.

Kyla Roma said...

I hope you got through the funeral alright- and texting while asleep?? Is that the new sleepwalking? lol

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