Nov 21, 2009

"Michael stands in the front of the boat and yells 'I'm King of the World,' within the first hour or I give you my next paycheck."

Today I am thankful for The Office. The mister and I have started watching old episodes and we are now catching up on past seasons. I never understood why people are so passionate about this show.

Now I understand.

(Photo: tvjab)


Sara Strand said...

Well it is a great show. And I think what makes it even more sad is that for those of us who work in an office- that's exactly what it's like. We all have these people in there and it is just a really sad state of affairs. On the otherhand, it's really nice to know that you aren't alone!

val pal :) said...

where the eff have you been?? haha, welcome to the darkside! :) xxoo

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yep, this show rocks. I have a Netflix membership & all the old seasons are available for instant play, so I watched all of the episodes in the span of a couple of weeks last winter. Fan-freaking-tastic show.

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