Nov 17, 2009

Ten Days of Thankful

Okay so I'm totally borrowing this idea from Lisa, but I can't resist - I love it! She's doing a countdown until Thanksgiving because it's only 10 days away and she's going to do a post of something she's thankful for every day. I love love love this idea not only because it's nice to stop and realize what is good in our lives, but also because Thanksgiving gets skipped over a lot because people are so focused on Black Friday and getting sales for their holiday gifts.

So, to take a page out of Lisa's Ten Days of Thanksgiving, I'm going to do Ten Days of Thankful (it's different if you change the name, right?), and from now until Thanksgiving I will post daily about something I'm thankful for. It may get its own post, it may be at the beginning or the end of another post, but I'm going to stop and take a moment each day to reflect.

The first thing I'm thankful for is simple, but fabulous. My CD/radio in my car. Music is what saves me when I sit in crappy drive 50 feet in 45 minutes Northern Virginia traffic and my left leg is now numb from pushing in the clutch of my stick shift, thank you very much. Or on the if one more person cuts me off I just might give them the finger kind of days. Music is what soothes me, what energizes me, and what ultimately can de-stress me.

However, I haven't always had that option. The first car I drove (and by first car I mean it was my parents' and they let me drive it for a summer while I was home from college), was a very basic Toyota Tercel. And by basic I mean basic. No air conditioning, no radio, and no trunk light. Whatever it's a car, you can deal, right? Yeah, well on those days I was mentioning above, when it was 90+ degrees with a heat index of 110, sitting in traffic was horrible.

So yes, I am very thankful for a radio and CD in my car.

What about you readers? Want to take this challenge with me? What are you thankful for today? (And thanks again for the idea Lisa!)


Anonymous said...

Your car story sort of reminds me of my little's a 95 Rav-4 and I only drive it when I'm home. Luckily, the AC works, but not so well when I'm 1) driving up hill 2) on the highway.

Fortunately, my dad surprised me one Thanksgiving by having an awesome cd player/radio/ipod player installed :)

Stevie said...

I am thankful for an apartment that stays relatively warm, even without the heat on, even as the days get colder and colder.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i've been doing it for a few days now- it's so much fun! check it out at can't wait to read all of yours!!! *sorry the last had a typo and i couldn't just leave it there-oops!*

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for playing along - and I loved your comments yesterday on my blog! The funny thing is that I didn't even think the 'stay tuned' was dorky because that is totally something I would say!

Oh and your car story reminds me of MY first car! Mine was this old Cutlass Calais and it was a JUNKER! The spedometer didn't work, the passenger side window would fall out if you rolled it down, and worst of all - the radio didn't work!! So when my dad went to buy me my first real car (the calais was my brother's & was on its last leg), all I asked was that it was red & had a radio that worked. And my dad totally came through for me and brought home an '87 Toyota Celica. :)

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