Dec 17, 2009

Airport Style

Short and sweet today - just some pictures that made me smile from the various airports I visited during my trip. This was Switzerland - I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of any of the chic designs, but in my defense it did feel like 2 AM when we arrived! (Uh, and FYI being in the land of chocolate when you're allergic to chocolate, could be a form of torture).

This greeted us at 3:45 AM when we were leaving Kosovo. Pretty, right?

The airport in Slovenia had a lot of random sayings on the windows, and I think they lit up, which was kind of weird. But funny!

I think I laughed at a lot of stuff in the airports and on the planes because I was so tired and punchy. I sat next to the sweetest girl on the way to Switzerland, and I watched Elf two and a half times. On the way home, 500 Days of Summer, and Four Christmases. Delight.

All my flights were smooth AND early - I was very fortunate. Anyone have any crazy flight stories? Happy almost Friday!


Darcie said...

How is it I never get to sit next to nice people on airplanes?!? I hear all the time about people have nice conversations with their seatmates or finding their true love or some crazy thing! Whenever I travel I get seated next to someone who immediately puts on a headset or goes to sleep. Humph! Well, I'm glad you got to sit next to someone pleasant for a long trip!

I definitely like the crazy sayings in Slovenia!

Nicole said...

That Christmas tree cracks me up! They have everything going on there! And what's that cone on top! Oh my, too funny!

Amber said...

When I came home from Germany two years ago I was traveling for 22 hours straight and I was SO TIRED. Me and my brother were laughing at the most random things because we were just SO exhausted physically and mentally! Haha

Being exhausted either makes me really hyper or really grumpy.

And what a bummer that you're allergic to chocolate!!!

Gracie said...

Once I flew home next to a guy I always used to see studying in a coffee shop near my house. We spent the trip poking fun at all the other coffee shop regulars, all of whom we had names for ("Dungeons and Dragons", "Philosopher", "Tiny Teen", "Chair Nazi", etc) and we talked so much that the guy behind us shushed us!

Unknown said...

I was on a flight to Canada (which is about a four hour flight), I got upgraded which was totally sweet until dinner came. I ate what I wanted and then she brought dessert which looked better than dinner so I said sure. The guy next to me didn't want it, but the flight attendant brought it to him and was like "try it anyways"....ok dessert nazi! crazy!

Kelly said...

love your blog

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I always travel in comfort. It's yoga pants & comfy shirts for me - esp on long flights! Great photos!!!

I have never seen Elf. I think that I need to rent that this weekend. I am struggling to feel in the CHristmas Spirit and I think that might help!

Have a great Friday! :)

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