Dec 4, 2009

And I'm off!

Happy Friday friends! It's the end of another week! I am flying out this evening and I am excited, nervous, and kind of ready for the airplane trip (13 hours not including layovers!) to be finished so we can be there.

I won't be blogging next week, but I have some fabulous guest bloggers lined up with a variety of topics so please come back and be sure to show them some love!

In the meantime - what are you up to this weekend? I want to hear all about your plans! Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you in a week! And thanks for all your awesome tips!

Oh, and a big shout out to my Dad and my father-in-law - they share a birthday today!

(Photo: //fine little day//'s via naturally nina)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Have a great trip!! Can't wait to hear all about it! I hope you get a chance to do a little exploring while you are there!

That is so cool that your Dad & FIL share a birthday!

I am celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday tonight! Can't wait! Other than that, I need to get my Christmas tree up & get Christmas cards sent out!

Gracie said...

Have a safe trip!
I'll be going to a basketball game and finishing the rest of my Christmas shopping.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Bon voyage! Can't wait to year about it all!

Amber said...

Have a fabulous trip and a safe flight, lady!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Tonight I'm recuperating from my night out last night and tomorrow night I have a Christmas party with all my friends - we are eating pasta, drinking red wine and doing a gift exchange! I'm really looking forward to it :)

Angela said...

Have a safe & fun trip! I'm excited to hear all about it when you get back!

As for my weekend plans...I'm supposed to be having a Christmas party tomorrow night, but we're in the middle of a snow storm! I don't know how long it will last, and if roads will be cleared enough for my guests to come. Here's to hoping!

Stevie said...

Enjoy your trip! I'll be looking forward to hearing about it upon your safe return :-)

I'll be spending the weekend with my adorable niece and nephew, who are here for most of the month of December. Can't wait!

Sarah Jio said...

Hi Becky! Bon voyage to you! Have a wonderful trip and I wanted to say that I LOVE how your blog is looking these days. :) And, tell me this story about "from first grade to forever" is this your love story with your hubby? If so, I have to hear this!! xo

Nicole said...

I hope you have safe and hassle-free flights coming and going! Have a great time between working!

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