Dec 1, 2009

Even if you like Twilight you have to admit this is funny!

So, my boss sends me this article yesterday and all that's written in the email besides the link is "In case you were running out of snarky things to say...."

The title is "Top 20 Unfortunate Lessons Girls Learn from Twilight," and while you really should read the whole article (here), I'll give you a few of my favorite points.

"It’s OK for a potential romantic interest to be dimwitted, violent and vengeful — as long as he has great abs."

"When a boy leaves you, going into shock, losing all your friends and enduring night terrors are completely acceptable occurrences — as long as you keep your grades up."

"Lying to your parents is fine. Lying to your parents while you run away to save your suicidal boyfriend is an extremely good idea that shows your strength and maturity. Also, it is what you must do."

"If a boy tells you to stay away from him because he is dangerous and may even kill you, he must be the love of your life. You should stay with him since he will keep you safe forever."

And then, the lovely Emily from Say Anything posted this quote as well:

"Harry Potter teaches you how to face your fears, how to grow, how to become independent, how to accept who you are. Twilight teaches you how important it is to have a boyfriend."

Sorry Twilight lovers - it was like a sign was telling me to post about this. Okay, I'm done being snarky for now (although feel free to join me in the comments).

Wait. Does laughing count as being snarky?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha! I love it! I must admit, I read the first 3 books. They were engaging to a certain extent, but I got pissed after reading the 3rd and haven't been able to bring myself to read the 4th - even though I own it...

Gracie said...

Those are so true - I read the first Twilight book and couldn't get over what a jerk Edward was and what a boring character Bella was!

Sara Strand said...

This is so funny! :) And Becky- email me, you won Holly @ Her Southern Heart's blog giveaway. :)

Joy said...

Love it! I freely admit I love Twilight for some strange reason, but it is ridiculous!

Emily Jane said...

Hahaha!! Love it! I just found your blog (through the lovely Nora) and you already made me laugh :) I read the first one, and saw both the movies - but I'm totally not hooked like all my other girlfriends. Harry Potter FTW!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

Amber said...

OMG, I LOVED this. I think I am going to write another Twilight/New Moon post next week.

The first post that I wrote last February titled "Why I HATED Twilight" got the most comments I'd ever had on a blog post at that time.

Twilight is retarded. I LAUGHED my ass off through both movies. I think it's sad that some little girls might actually consider Bella a role model.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I guess I never got the "it's important to have a boyfriend" feeling from Twilight. I don't think it was ever about "having" a boyfriend. I think it was the feelings involved with the particular boyfriend.

Jessica said...

OK, I admit to being a Twilight fan (there's just something about 'em), but, yeah, that was hilarious! :D

Thanks for sharing.

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