Dec 7, 2009

Fall favs!

Hi readers! I hope you had a good weekend! I'm traveling for work this week so please welcome Holly from Her Southern Heart. She's here to talk about some of the best things about fall! (And don't give me any of that "Uh, it's no longer fall." Fall lives on forever in my heart. So just enjoy, darn it!)

Fall is my absolute favorite season so I'd like to share some of the items that helped me through the season!

1. Pumpkin Harvest & Fall Candle by Febreze:
I'm usually not a huge fan of Febreze candles. I sometimes feel like they don't let out enough scent, but it's a completely different story with this candle. I had it lit as long as I was home and was very pleased with it!

2. Vaseline:
I'm sure you all know that with the cooler weather comes chapped and dry lips and skin. I put a thin layer of Vaseline on my face and lips each night and by morning, all the dryness has disappeared!

3. Pumpkin Roll (recipe):
This is the perfect Fall dessert, and it's a huge hit in my family!

4. Snuggie:
My boyfriend and I constantly disagree on the temperature of our house. He's always hot, and I'm always freezing. So the Snuggie is perfect for those times when he doesn't want to heater on, but I'm freezing. It's so soft, even my kitten loves it!

5. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte:
This one is pretty self explanatory, right?!

6. Scarves from Old Navy

What about you dear readers? If you're insistent on claiming that fall is over (*sigh*) name some things you loved about it! Thanks for this post Holly, and be sure to visit her lovely blog Her Southern Heart.


Suburban prep said...

Fall doesn't end until December 20th or 21st technically.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am holding onto fall as long as I can - even though they are forecasting snow for Tues/Wed this week! And I will never get sick of pumpkin spice lattes!!!!

Amber said...

I LOVE scarves! My favourite thing about fall/winter hands down :)

Kyla Roma said...

Vaseline on your face? I thought it would clog pores- but if not I think you just saved my face from falling apart!

Kelly said...

I just got a Snuggie too, I am the same way about disagreeing with my fiance about the temperature. What is with guys?!

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