Dec 8, 2009

On being a redhead

Hi readers! I'm traveling for work this week so please welcome Amber from Girl with the Red Hair.

Hey all, it’s Amber from Girl with the Red Hair here guest blogging for Becky while she’s on her work-vacay!

I’m always at a loss when people ask me to guest blog because I’m never sure what I should write about, but when Becky asked me I knew right away. You see, Becky and I have a trait in common. We’re both redheads!

You know, when you’re an "adult" and have natural red hair, it’s kind of fun. Hairdressers and people at the salon always tell you how beautiful your hair is and how there are people that would kill for that colour. It’s kind of flattering.

But when you’re eight years old and all you want to be is blonde, it’s not so comforting or flattering. I hated my red hair and my whole life I dreamed of being a blonde. I begged my mom to let me dye my hair but she never would.

Finally, in Grade 11, when I was 16 and my mom couldn’t really control whether I dyed my hair or not I ended up dying it dark brown. It was a temporary dye but even though it washed out after a few months my hair has never been the same colour since.

As I’m getting older my hair is slowly going from a vibrant red, to auburn, to a dull, copper colour in the winter. A few weeks ago when I went to my hairdresser I actually had to get it coloured since it was so dull looking. I got it coloured red, back to my natural colour, or what my natural colour used to be.

If you told my eight-year-old self that one day I would actually WANT my hair back to its beautiful, natural red I would laugh in your face and tell you no way, I want to be blonde.

If I’m lucky enough to pass my redheaded genes down to my daughter one day, I can tell you one thing, she won’t be dying her hair.

So readers, what is your natural hair colour and do you leave it natural or do you colour it?

I definitely went through some not loving my hair moments as well, but I wish it was as bright as it used to be. What about you readers? Do you like your hair the way it is? Any other fellow redheads out there? Thanks for this Amber - be sure to visit her at Girl with the Red Hair!


Tara said...

Oh boy do I understand this post! I am also a natural redhead and people always told me how beautiful my hair was but I always hated it. I had blonde highlights for a long time when I got older and about two months ago died my hair brown. The brown didn't last long, but like you said, my hair is not the same as it used to be.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Red hair runs in my husbands family and we are anticpating having at least one ourselves. My natural hair color has changed over the years so now I am not even sure what it is. Basically brown is the base. I was born with black hair, it fell out, in grew very blonde hair, that changed to light brown and over the years the brown has gotten darker. I used to dye my hair when my mom would pay for it! I dyed it blonde once, TERRIBLE, maroonish, that was cool.. and I usually would get blonde or brown/blonde highlights since my friend started doingmy hair 4 years ago. Then I decided I like the dark brown it has become and stopped dying it. I figure since gray hair is so rampant in my family, I should save my money and time until I need to dye again. :)

Amber said...

Thanks for letting me guest post Becky :)

Jen Feeny said...

I had the same issue as Amber. I wanted desperately to be a blonde, I mean they had Barbie, Shera, etc... All the awesome girls were blonde... But then there was the little mermaid and slowly I started to embrace my redhair. I have only ever put blonde highlights in but even that was years ago. I rock my red like it's my job and I love it!

Kyla Roma said...

I dye my hair, but I wish I didn't have to!! I've tried to dye it close to my natural colour to let it grow out many, many times and it never is close enough that I feel comfortable letting it grow out.

So lame!!

Anonymous said...

Great guest posts! I'm a big Amber fan!
I have dark brown hair and, because my mom always raved about it, I think I grew up liking it just fine. I have always secretly envied those with blonde hair though. This is a stupid reason, but it just looks so good in french braids! I used to french braid my hair a lot for sports so this was a big deal.
One time over the summer I thought it would be fun to temporarily dye my hair blonde, but the day before I was supposed to I had a horrible dream about being blonde and chickened out. It really wouldn't have looked good on me considering my dark eyebrows, so I'm glad I didn't go through with it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have been dying or highlighting my hair since I was maybe 15-16? But always in a salon, I've actually never done an at home kit - I don't trust myself. I always wanted to be blonder. Growing up, I kind of had 'dishwater blond' hair - so kind of a mucky brownish/blondish. As I've gotten older, it's gotten darker, but then it gets much lighter in the summer. I am also going gray really, really fast, so I have to dye it every couple of months. I usually dye it a rich brown color.

And I totally wanted red hair when I was in HS. So I tried it and it looked horrible on me! :( Was so sad! You red heads are lucky. :)

Carissa Thilgen said...

great post Amber! as a kid I hated my hair. it was blonde, which was ok by me, but it tangled easily-- brushing it was such a pain, literally!-- and I compared it to straw. I so wanted curly hair and I begged my mom for a perm, to no avail. (I am now very thankful my mom said no!)

eventually my hair got prettier... I had a haircut in elementary school and the hairdresser cut all my dead ends off. suddenly, my hair had life! body! I don't know what happened but it was like a miracle. and in the past few years, the tangled mess I used to deal with has become more manageable.

now I like my hair, but has begun to look less blonde and more dirty blonde. so I have to weave (highlight) mine to get it back to the "natural" look. I guess that's just how it goes as you get older!

oh, and btw, I think it would be so cool to be a redhead!

Maggie said...

I've been dying my hair red as long as I can remember. I'm irish so red hair runs in my family but I wasn't lucky enough to get the gene. my natural hair colour is a brownish colour with reddish tints, but I've been dying my hair a coppery red forever now so it may as well be my natural colour. Plus everyone thinks its natural anyway so I just go with it.

Redheads are awesome.

Unknown said...

So far I haven't grayed out enough to need to color my hair. I'm actually a really lazy hair person, my hair hates to curl or do anything besides be I quit fighting it a while back and just let it go with what it wants. I'm a brunette and will be I guess forever...well till I get more gray hair!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know someone else who loves being a redhead? Check out the video to find out! It's a parody video based on Katy Perry's song.

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