Dec 21, 2009

Snow and Lectures

Hi readers! How was your weekend? We got the snow I wanted! Starting Friday night and not stopping until Saturday night. I think the overall area got 16+ inches - which for us is A LOT!

It was beautiful and magical, especially because the mister and I didn't have to be anywhere.

(About 12 inches and it was still coming down)

We did not do a whole lot this weekend, so I thought I would share a funny (but slightly embarassing) story from my trip. What you need to know before you read the story though, is that I am a goody-goody. As in, I never got detention, a referral, or sent to the principal's office for misbehaving. In college, a professor mentioned at the beginning of the class that she'd like me to stay after so she could talk to me. By then I had worked myself up into a respectable panic attack only to find out she wanted to know if I'd be willing to copy my notes each day for one of the guys in our class with a learning disability.

So, the last day we were in Kosovo, we stopped by the embassy. My group was waiting in our van on that street, and a few of us were snapping pictures, and I went to the front and took a picture of the embassy. One of the guys in my group laughed and said, "what are you taking a picture of, the no camera sign?" I scoffed back, "There isn't a 'no camera' sign!" Just to be on the safe side I turned around to verify, and sure enough, there was a big red no camera sign. Hmm, I bet that's just if you go into the embassy. I panicked a little. Well, maybe I'll delete it, just in case.

Not five minutes later our interpretor in the van calls me to the front, where an embassy guard is standing at the window.

Scary looking guard: Are you Rebecca?
Me: Yesssss
Scary looking guard: Did you take a picture of this building?
Me: (trying not to hyperventilate) Yes, but I deleted it.
Scary looking guard: Who do you work for?
Me: (I'm either going to pee my pants, or pass out). I deleted that picture - do you want me to show you my camera? I'll go get it, I deleted the picture.
Scary looking guard: (Stares at me for what seemed like the longest minute of my life). No, it's okay.

The whole bus then gave a very mature, "Awwwww, Becky got in trouble." I was kind of afraid I wouldn't be able to leave the country.

How are you this Monday morning? Did you have a good weekend? Did you have snow? Anyone else have a fun encounter with a guard in another country?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is funny. :) That would totally happen to me! I hate that feeling of panic when you think you are going to be in trouble!

And holy cannasta - 16" is A LOT of snow no matter where you live! You now have more snow than we do in Minnesota!!

Lucy The Valiant said...

dang gina, that's a lot of snow! And I would have completely hyperventilated if that happened to me in a foreign country!!

Amber said...

Omg that is CREEPY! Hahahaha, he probably totally knew he was scaring the crap out of you too. I would be freaked out but it is funny in hindsight! LOL.

That is A LOT of snow! Snow weekends can be fun though as long as it's not too cold!

Tracie Nall said...

Wow!! That is really funny and really scary all at the same time....I wonder if you are on some special list now?

I am so jealous of all of the beautiful snow....I belong in the north with all of the snow, but somehow I ended up in Florida for most of my life...go figure!

Muznah said...

Love the snowy pics and OMG scary, embarrassing but funny story

Nicole said...

I thought about you when I saw the weather reports this weekend. It looks like a lot of fun as long as you don't have to go anywhere!

I love your story. I would be so scared too. And I'm the person that probably would have also not seen the sign.

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