Dec 29, 2009

Sweet nothings

I hope your holiday was fabulous! Ours was fun and completely relaxing. I'm a little sleepy, a little happy, and just feeling cozy this week. Does that sound weird?

(Mmm, fireplaces)

I think I'm just transitioning between the holidays - I'm definitely ready for 2010 to be here.

I thought I'd see if you all have any requests for this blog for the new year - things you want to see more of, things you want to *gulp* hear less about, or questions you're just dying to ask! Let's hear it dear readers!

And please - tell me all about your weekends! Was it full of Christmas cheer? A Sex and the City marathon with Chinese food? Snowed in? I want to hear it!

(Photo: Walking Around)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oo, don't change a thing! I love all of your blog posts!! Especially the fun pictures you include in your posts!

My Christmas weekend was wonderful. We were sort of snowed in so headed to my parent's cabin a day later than planned. We got quite a bit of snow, I think close to 18"? So a nice dumping. I kind of liked it, but had to be quiet about that because my dad did not enjoy all the snow removal he had to do!!

Lucy The Valiant said...

No, don't change anything about your blog! Feeling cozy sounds very nice, btw.

Amber said...

I love your blog, Becky! Seriously it is just so sweet and lighthearted and FUN. LOVE IT. Don't change :-)

My weekend went by MUCH TOO FAST :( Haha!! But it was good, it involved a lot of food and a lot of family time!

Tracie Nall said...

Lots of Christmas cheer.....a Christmas afternoon viewing of Sherlock Holmes (very fun) no snow, but that isn't unusual for Florida :)

Your fireplace picture has made me feel sleepy and cozy too!

Happy New Year!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

oooo, i want that mantel! ah!

Gracie said...

I think we're all ready for 2010! May yours be happy and prosperous!

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