Dec 10, 2009

What’s in a name?

Hi readers! Happy almost Friday! I'm traveling for work this week so please welcome the lovely Lisa from Lisa's Yarns.

Hi, it’s Lisa from Lisa’s Yarns! While Becky is galavanting to a far off place, she’s asked some of us bloggers to keep you company while she is gone.

I always think it is interesting to find out if there is a story behind someone’s name. Maybe this is because there is a bit of a story behind mine. I was child #4 for my parents – and the first child that my dad got to name completely on his own.

So why did he pick Lisa? Well, turns out my dad used to be a bit of a soap opera fan. Which is really odd because my dad is kind of a ‘man’s man’. He hunts, fishes, and works as an electrical contractor – so not exactly the target audience for a soap opera! Anyways, he was particularly fond of a soap opera that had a leading lady named Lisa. According to my dad, she was a strong-willed, independent, beautiful woman. So he picked Lisa for my name as he hoped I’d have all of those characteristics as well.

So Lisa was my first name. Now onto my middle name of Anne. My parents originally wanted to name me Lisa Suzanne, but my last name starts with a “D” and my parents were not thrilled with the idea of my intials being “LSD.” So they shortened to Anne.

So there you have it. I can’t say I am super proud of the fact that I was named after a soap opera character, but it does make for an interesting story.

Were you named after anyone? If you have children, did you name them after anyone?

Share those stories readers! And thanks to Lisa for writing this - be sure to visit her fabulous blog Lisa's Yarns!


Nicole said...

Lisa, I'm so glad your parents actually took the time to write out your initialls before leaving you with LSD. It's amazing how many times parents don't think about that, and some kids get left with something horrible or just awkward. For example, I have a coworker whose maiden initials were KKS... not bad. Then she got married and is now KKK... oops!

Brooke said...

Lisa, I was named after a soap opera character too! My mom spent a lot of time watching soap operas while she was pregnant, and next thing you know, I'm named after Brooke English from All My Children! :)

Amber said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I'm laughing out loud at the "LSD" thing. LOL.

Well, I wasn't named after a soap opera character but I was named after a fiery redhead in a harlequin romance novel that my dad managed to read during the 36 hours my mom was in labour. Apparently the heroin in the novel had BRIGHT red hair so when I popped out with bright red hair that's what they decided to name me!

Soap opera character and harlequin romance novel heroin. Potato, potatoe?

Haha! Oh, and my middle name is for my great grandmother and my initials spell AMY, which is what my parents were going to name me before my dad read that book! Haha

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