Jan 15, 2010

All about the love

Happy Friday! Okay so first off, I want to say thank you. Every single one of you who read this blog - whether you've been reading it for six months or six days. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for coming back every day. I love reading your comments!

(This is me sending sweet thoughts right back to you!)

I want to give a little shout out to the Simply Love swap being hosted by the lovely Katie. (You know you were wondering what that button on left was about). Just in time for Valentine's Day, you can celebrate some love - in whatever form that brings. Some of your favorite snacks? The everyday accessories you heart? Head over there and sign up for the swap - you'll send love and receive some back as well. The deadline is the end of next week. What are you waiting for?

Also a big thanks to the fabulous blog Cocktails and Cashmere for the glamourous blog award. She awarded it to all of her readers and I think I shall do the same!

You're fabulous! Have some diamonds!

Seriously. If you have a blog I expect to see this on a sidebar somewhere - ALL of you deserve it!

What are your plans for the weekend, lovelies? I have Monday off and I am looking forward to the long weekend. I plan on lots of relaxing, but I also want to get a few things accomplished. The mister and I are going to re-sign our lease, even though we would love to move somewhere bigger. The area is too expensive for our budget right now, so in addition to signing away another 12 months, I'm determined to make our apartment feel like a home again. A little cleaning, organizing, and yes, finally taking down the Christmas decorations. (Yeah, yeah, I know).

The mister and I are also going to see the Terra Cotta Warriors - more on that next week. Throw in a little reading, yoga, some time with good friends, and it has the potential for being an incredible three days.

What are you doing this weekend? Can you believe we're already halfway through this month? Do any of you have Monday off? Anyone else still have their holiday decorations up? Yesterday was National Delurking Day - so dear readers, leave me a comment - speak up!

Happy Friday!

(Photo: Apartment 513)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I just took my Christmas decorations down last weekend - I just dread doing that!

I have a fun weekend ahead with some get togethers with friends and family. Should be fun!

Thanks for always brightening my day with your blog posts :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday! :) You are SO lucky to have Monday off. I have a normal two day weekend. Although I shouldn't complain, my first week back at work went really fast.

J and I are getting a couple of pizzas this evening and we're going to settle in and watch Veronica Mars. He's never admit it out loud but he loves it as much as I do! ;) lol

Have a GREAT weekend friend.

Alison Kinsey said...

Congrats on re-signing your lease! It's always fun re-decorating and making a place feel like home :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend Becky!


Unknown said...

We will be celebrating Tom's last birthday of his 20's on Saturday and hopefully getting to meet Newbie who will of course have been born on Saturday like his Uncle Tom :). I also have a 3 day day weekend and am so thankful for some downtime. We still have our tree up and it is a real one. We will be taking the beautiful fire hazard down on Sunday (unless we are visiting a new baby!). Have fun hanging with the hubs!

Nicole said...

Ah, a three day weekend. I'll mostly enjoy just not being at work. I'll probably get in some extra sleep, do some reading, and get ahead on homework.

Amber said...

My weekend looks busy. I have A LOT I want to accomplish including a to-do list a mile long that includes homework/work/freelance and blog stuff and I want to squeeze in a 7-mile run and spend some time with a good friend that's coming to town.

On Sunday I plan on spending the ENTIRE day meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking and freezing some meals for the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping this will help me budget better when it comes to food as I've spent over $50 on takeout in the last THREE days alone :S Oy.

Laura said...

I dont know if I will resign but if i did this place might need a lil makeover too haha

Hope all is well


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