Jan 26, 2010

More post-it fun!

I had so much fun with this last week, I thought I'd give it another chance.

*This happened to some friends of ours last weekend – we had to go help them clear out their basement. Poor things!

What does your post-it note say today dear readers?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dear rude co-worker,

I brought in the banana bread to be nice and show you that a gluten free treat can taste good. I didn't need you to point out that yours is much better & that you could tell it was gluten free. And I certainly didn't need you to tell me I 'lost the bake off' and that another co-worker's cookies were SO GOOD.

Bugger Off.


* Yep, that happened at work yesterday. Rude, rude co-worker. Blog post potentially coming on all the rude comments she's made to me. She needs to return to kindergarten and learn some manners.

Amber said...

Lisa - OMG! What a b**ch. Please blog about it so we can all spout off about her and tell you how awesome you are ;-)

Dear February 17,

Could you hurry up and get here? I'm really excited to go home for a visit!

Love, Amber

Kell said...

I think mine says..

"Dear graduation..
Please get here. Now. I need a career."

Nicole said...

Mine would say:

Dear grad school advisors,
Thanks for letting me know ahead of time that you're cancelling the summer program on which I was depending to complete my prerequisite course work.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Dear mother nature,
Please give me a freaking snow day already before I kill these annoying children.

Dear body,
Just get sick or get better. I can't handle this in between crap feeling.

Dear weekend,

Anonymous said...

Haha. These are genious.

Uuuum....I have one;

Dear Stomach,

Stop growling. You don't sound scary you just sound pathetic. You'll be fed soon enough.

Yours in annoyance and hunger,
The rest of your body

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