Jan 28, 2010

My Job Struggle

Hi readers! Please welcome my first guest blogger in the new series of wanting to hear more from you. Meet Goose - the hilarious author of the blog What's Good for the Goose. (Seriously, she's under my "cracks me up" folder in my Google Reader). She's funny, awesome, but also a little worried. Take it away Goose!

As most of you who read Becky's posts already know, she and her husband have struggled a fair amount over the idea of jobs. Her husband has been looking for jobs for a while and Becky is not quite sure what she wants to be when she grows up. (See this post to read what she had to say). Let me tell you, I feel their pain. For starters, I have struggled to find a job in my field which is Industrial Organizational Psychology, sort of like Human Resources. All of my classmates found great jobs except for me...which really made me feel like a big loser.

Finally I got a temp job at a corporation...it's good I got a job, but I'm definitely not using much of the knowledge I learned in grad school for this particular position. In fact, my job is pretty boring. I guess the nice thing is that I found the blogging world. I definitely feel like I could be doing bigger and better things with my life and that I'm definitely underutilized in my current position. I also feel like a temp job just doesn't have as much value as a full time permanent job...after all, they can let me go whenever they decide they are done with me. It sucks that I picked a field I thought I was interested in and now I can't even seem to find my niche. Did I even pick the right field? And yes, maybe the economy has something to do with it...but that doesn't really make me feel any better.

Also, I wouldn't say I'm super passionate about this field...it's something I thought was interesting at the time. In fact, I'm not sure I'll ever find my dream job. Like Becky...I don't even know if there is a dream job out there for me. I thought it was dog training. I did that for a year before I went back to grad school. I do LOVE animals so I thought it would be perfect. I was wrong though. I spent a lot of my time cleaning up poop because we boarded dogs too. I also found that I don't really like working nights and weekends all the time, which is what you pretty much have to do if you want to be in that profession. So, I quit and picked a new area that I thought I would enjoy. And I did enjoy learning it when I was in school. My graduate program was great in general and I made a lot of great friends. But not being able to find a permanent full time job for 2 years has really put a damper on how I feel about the field in general.

But it's really hard to just up and change what you want to do with your life. Usually that takes more school and experience in order to land a job in a different field. And even if I did decide to go back to school (which I don't want to do) I don't even know what I would go back in. I feel like you have to make these life altering decisions about what you want to be when you grow up when you pick a major for undergrad or graduate school and then you are stuck!

I don't want this to be a complete guest blogging rant. But I do want Becky and her lovely readers to know that they are not alone!

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for me though. My fiance applied to PhD schools in different areas. If he gets in that would obviously be great news on it's own, but it will also mean a fresh start for me. I could look for jobs in a new area and maybe find luck. Or maybe decide to pursue something completely different...or maybe, something new and different will even fall in my lap. We shall see where the road leads.

What about you dear readers - anyone else frustrated with their job or the field they're in? Anyone struggling to use a degree they have? Thanks to Goose for this fabulous post and for letting us know we're not the only ones struggling! Be sure to visit her at What's Good for the Goose!


Tiffany said...

hello! this post was wonderful!
i have to admit that i'm not working yet, i am studying architecture and next year i am expected to write a theoretical project, as my one semester before the last ever in university (forgive me for not knowing what exactly it is called, i have left the states for years, but in greek it's called erevnitiki).
well, sometimes i take it more calmly, but sometimes i am completely terrified of the fact that i don't know what exactly i want to major in. i can't say for sure what exactly i want to do, because it certainly isn't just building designing. the only thing i know is i'm artsy and craftsy...i have been troubled for quite a while and still have no idea towards which direction i should turn...what if what i really want has nothing to do with building.....
ok, i'll stop now before i stress again :P
thanks again for the supportive post!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yep, what she said totally resonates with me. My new job is wonderful and challenging, but I still wonder what I am supposed to be doing. I invested SO MUCH money into my MBA, I feel like I have committed to always working in Corporate America... and I am not sure how I feel about Corporate America. Some days I love it, other days I fantasize about what my life would be like if I was a librarian...

It just takes awhile to find your niche. I might find it in my next rotation at my company. Or maybe I will feel like I am in my niche when I've been in position a little longer. It just takes so much patience and have been quite a humbling experience!

Great guest post!

Tara said...

Wow. I'm shocked and sorry to hear that. I am in an IO Psych class now as part of my psychology minor and my professor said that's one field that hasnt been affected much by the economy. Have you thought about being an independent contractor? That's what my professor does. Hopefully if you move that will help. I'm sure some cities utilize IO Psychologists more than others. Good Luck!!

Oh and ps I may be in your same situation in 3 months when I graduate with my history degree.

Jess said...

I graduated college ten years ago with two degrees.

And I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I taught for awhile (you know, using that teaching degree and all), and don't want to go back to it...so yeah. I totally understand the feeling.

Amber said...

I'm lucky to be entering a career that I love. Right now, anyways.

I know that eventually I want to work at home and I want to be doing writing/marketing/social media stuff. However, who knows how my thoughts will change through the years!

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