Jan 19, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

Just a little Tuesday fun.

What about you dear readers? Tell me all about your weekend! What are your plans for this week? What would go on your post-it note? (To create your own, go here).


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those post-it notes are awesome! Totally agree!

My post-it note would read:

Dear Genetics,

While I am thankful for my musical and mathematical abilities you've graced me with, I could do without the whole 'going gray in my 20s'.

* This should be a quiet week for me. Just have a happy hour on Wed night w/ co-worker and that's it. I have zero plans for the weekend, which I am actually really, really, really happy about. I need a plan-free weekend!

Darcie said...

Where in heavens name did you find this?

There are so many things I could say, but at the moment it would be something like:
Dear Thirty-something Bully,
I'm sorry that you can't see the world and people for who they are, but stop bullying the rest of us and writing horrible mean words to people!

I'll have to tell you about this one later...

Nicole said...

Awesome. Mine would say:

Dear first floor neighbor,
Please stop smoking inside the doorway. The halls fill with smoke, and I can't breath.

Oh how I wish for the days when I won't be living in an apartment anymore.

Jess said...

Are you in the DC area? Cause I'm with you on #1. Even some of the quasi-sketchy areas of Capitol Hill are fabulous.

My post it would read: Dear Laundry, Please wash, fold, and put yourself away. Love,

Amber said...

Hahahaha those are awesome.

Mine would read:

Dear, School. Suck it. Love, Amber.

Have a great day love! XO

Iva Messy said...

LOL!!! I love seeing peoples "post it note tuesdays" always so super great and creative!!

Shaina said...

This made me laugh!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

These all made me laugh. My hair dryer does that every other day, perhaps its time to invest in a new one?

Sarah Jio said...

This is hysterical!! I love it! I'm going to share on Vitamin G, I think, and link to you!! xo

Ellen said...

So cute! Mine would say: Dear Creepy Muscle Guy At The Gym: I'm. Just. Not. That. Into. You. Please leave me alone while I sweat. Smooches! E


Anonymous said...

dear stupid people at miranda westfield:
i counted. 9 steps toward the bin from the seat with your mcdonalds cup. 11 the other way. no matter which way you must have gone you would have passed a bin!!! is it honestly that much effort?
love, 15 year old, new yr 10er, annoyed, me.

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