Jan 7, 2010

Sleep Talkers

So I've told you how some people claim I'm a cover stealer and I talk in my sleep. When I was younger I only talked in my sleep occasionally - when I was really tired, or having a very animated dream. (My sister and I once got into an argument two rooms apart when I was asleep and she was awake).

However, I've definitely started talking more as I've gotten older - maybe I'm just perpetually tired? Either way, there have been some pretty funny stories - all told to me the next day because I don't ever remember doing any of this. So because I like to make you laugh I thought I would share a couple examples.

Example #1: I am sometimes dramatic.

A couple weeks ago Ben came to bed after I was already asleep. I was taking up a lot of the bed and when he tried to gently move my leg I gasped, "ow!" Afraid he actually hurt, he touched me (even more gently!) and I automatically said, "No!" in a very loud stage whisper. All while I was completely asleep.

Example #2: I like to know where people are going.

A few times in the middle of the night when the mister has gotten up for whatever reason - a glass of water, going to the bathroom, anything - I've whispered, "where are you going?" Apparantly I've done this enough to where he just ignores me.

My sister stayed over one night (while Ben was away) so she slept in our big bed with me. She got up and was halfway across the room when I sat up and whispered loudly, "where are you going?"

My sister: (startled) Um, the bathroom.

Me: (completely asleep) I'll go with you.

A few moments pass.

My sister: Becky?

Me: Ughhh!!

Anyone else a sleep talker? A sleep walker? I know some of you have stories to share - let's hear 'em! Happy almost Friday!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those are funny stories!! To my knowledge, I do not talk in my sleep. At least no one has ever told me that I do. My little sister does, though! And she gabs and gabs and gabs!! Sometimes it is coherent, usually it isn't!

Lisa Wagar said...

I love your stories! I am the same, a sleep talker/walker/fighter and cover stealer, or so I am told, I don't think I am as I will wake up in the middle of my night and my BF is on my side of the bed. But I know I have done some everycrazy things when I am asleep. Good example: When I was living with my girl friend 5 years ago her boyfriend would sleep over all the time. I went to bed early and he was watching tv in the living room, my friend was not home at this time. I got up (asleep) a few hours later took all my covers and pillows from my bed took them to the living room through them at him and went back to bed. About an hour later I got home stormed into the living room, yelled at him for taking all my covers and pillows, went back to my room made my bed and went back to sleep, all while not remembering any of this! And that is only one for about 100 stories of sleeping craziness as my BF calls it I have!

Sometimes I feel sorry for my BF and friends! lol

Brooke said...

I love your funny sleep talker stories! Stress causes me to sleep walk, so I used to do that a lot in college, especially around finals time. I used to wake up in the strangest places like the shower in my pjs, or laying on the bathroom floor. Needless to say, I'm glad that's something that has stopped :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

These are funny!! I am a crazy sleep talker. My husband deliberately draws me out and encourages me to keep talking, for his own twisted amusement. I've had my revenge, though. Once he awoke from a deep sleep to find me (completely unconscious, I SWEAR) biting his arm as hard as I could. I don't remember any of it... I just woke up to being yelled at!

Nicole said...

Oh these are just too funny! I don't know if I'm a sleep talker or not. Luffy can't exactly tell me funny stories in the morning. ;)

Amber said...

LOL. Me and Eric both talk in our sleep occasionally and I used to sleep walk ALL THE TIME when I was a kid! My parents owned a store and our house was attached to the store and one time I slept walk into the store and set the alarm off and my Dad thought it was a burglar so he came out with a baseball bat only to find me wandering the aisles! Lol.

I don't do it anymore though, as far as I know!

Darcie said...

Apparently, I do strange things when I'm really REALLY worried about something. I was about the age of 9 when my dad had his first business trip overseas. I was teriffied of him flying over the Atlantic Ocean and so the night he left, I walked down two flights of stairs to where my mom was working in the basement. I scared the crap of out her and asked if my dad had landed safely yet. (All while completely asleep).

Another time, when my grandmother died, we had a whole conversation. She had been in the hospital about two weeks and I was not handling it well. One night I asked my parents if I could sleep on the floor in their room. They both awoke to hear me talking to my grandmother saying, "It's okay Grandma you can go now, I'll watch over and take care of everyone for you." She passed away at 6 am that morning.

Angela said...

Oh man, you had my laughing really hard at the last story! I can only laugh this hard because I talk in my sleep too! I used to sleep walk quite often when I was a kid...the story my parents like to tell me most is that (while completely asleep!) I brought them my pillow and told them I was done. Ha!

Anonymous said...

This is all very paranormal activity-ish...

Maggie said...

I laughed so hard at this.

My fiancé is a huge sleep talker so this post reminded me of him. I've been having problems sleeping lately so I've been taking Ambien which makes me do the weirdest stuff in my sleep.

I used to sleepwalk but as far as I know I haven't done it in a while (thank god).

Megan said...

I sleep-walked..(I still don't know if it sleep walked or slept walked?!) for the first time in my life last week. I woke up and had completely destroyed my shelves of purses...I'd thrown all the baskets of purses on the ground and knocked over my shoe rack! I was dreaming I was locked in a room and was trying to escape, it was actually really scary!

I've talked in my sleep my whole life...you've experienced this at Girl Scout camping trips ;)

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