Jan 27, 2010

They just keep comin'

That's right. Another crazy sleep story.

About a week ago I had a really weird/funny dream. There are two things you need to know about this. 1) Everything was very real. When I woke up I actually had to take a couple of minutes to figure out what was a dream and what was the reality. 2) Everything that the mister said in the dream he would say in real life - part of why it's funny.

In the dream I was nine months pregnant and my water broke. The mister and I went to the hospital, and the birth was pretty smooth and went very quickly. (Ha, that's how I knew it was a dream!) We had waited to find out the gender of the baby and we had a little boy. This is the really vivid part. They handed me the baby, Ben was perched next to me and I had this amazing, overwhelming feeling of love and thought, this is my son. I could tell you what this baby looked like down to his eyes, hands, and how he was moving his mouth.

We stared at him for a few minutes, and then started the process of naming him. I suggested Connor (I guess I subconsciously like that name!), and Ben liked it but then said "I have the best name!"

Ben: Let's name him Hatchett!
Me: What? Did you just say Hatchett?
Ben: Yeah!
Me: Ben, hatchett is a weapon with blades. Why would you want to name your son that? (Even in the dream I knew this was a bad idea).
Ben: Because he'd be such a badass!!!

Yes my friends, that was my dream. Doubly hilarious because when I told Ben about it he cracked up and admitted that sounded exactly like something he would say.

What do you think dear readers? Am I crazy? Or is the fever worse than I expected? Anyone else hear weird name suggestions? (Real or in dreams?)

Oh, and thanks to Sarah, I totally feel like a rock star! Go check out my little shout out on Vitamin G yesterday!

Happy hump day!

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Lucy The Valiant said...

I love these crazy dream posts!

Enjoy the 'easy birth' dreams while the last, though. I used to have dreams like that, before I had my daughter. Now that my subconscious knows EXACTLY what labor feels like, my birth dreams aren't nearly as fun!

oh and, my husband suggested IN REAL LIFE that if we have a boy, let's name him Hollace. Yeesh.

Jess said...

Are you sure you're not already pregnant? Haha! Every time I have had those very real pregnancy dreams, within a month I've always actually been pregnant.

I'm thinking you have the fever pretty bad.

Amber said...

That dream is HILARIOUS! That sounds like something Eric would say too, haha!

And LOVE your shoutout on Vitamin G! Very cool and well-deserved :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is really funny! And pretty accurate since men seem to come up with crazy names for babies. :) My dad used to tease my mom & tell her they should name their first boy Wolfgang Amedeus....

I have had odd dreams as well lately. Especially on the weekend when I have been getting 9 hours of sleep. The more soundly I sleep, the weirder my dreams!!

Gracie said...

That is SO hilarious. Oh my gosh. You guys better pick out names now in case he gets his way while you're in a Percocet delirium at some future point!

Amanda said...

I'm gonna go with Jess on this one... Baby dreams signal baby genes... lol. I had a weird one about being able to see the baby's ultrasound image in a microwave with his little PP out for all to see. (That's how I knew it was a boy.)
You got that fever BAAAAAD!

Anonymous said...

I know a couple where the guy actually had a dream about naming the first child and they ended up naming her after the name he picked out in the dream: Scarlett. And then he had a second dream around the time of the second child and her name was Chloe in the dream... And so the second girl was named Chloe. Kind of strange because they did not even know the sex of the children before they were born, but dreams don't lie... In this case I hope they do though ha. Comical post.

Hatchett is a pretty bad ass name though.


Hannah Katy

Megan said...

I have 2 names for you.

Zebulon Tiger.

For those of you who don't already know, this is what my boyfriend would name our future son if I'd let him. ;)

Scott said...

All my dreams are weird, all the time! And I not only talk in my sleep, but move around, as well. When I'm in a fight, I wake up punching my pillow. When I'm with a woman, I wake up (you know). But I've never walked in my sleep. One dream was that I was leading a second American Revolution. I was in Old Boston (?), and everything looked 18th- Century--though it was still the 21st. I stood atop the roof of a house, giving a very profound, persuasive speech (and no I was not naked, nor was my audience). When I half-awoke, I realized it was just a dream, but I continued my speech! I was determined to hold that moment as long as I could!

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