Feb 5, 2010

And just like that

Ohh Friday. I'm hoping by the time this posts Friday morning I will have gone back to bed after seeing the federal government closed - I'll have a snow day.* (And no, I didn't have one the other day, but it was a very pretty drive into work that morning). We are supposed to get snow this weekend that rivals what we got back in December. I've heard anywhere from 11 to 20 inches - wahoo!

Call me crazy, but I kind of like that it keeps happening over the weekends. (Especially if it gets us out of work on a Friday!) You don't have to worry about the morning commute, you can play in the snow, but still have time to shovel and relax.

Mostly I'm just glad this week is over. It's been hectic and stressful and...yeah. That's all I've got.
Thanks again for all of you who have said you would guest blog - I'm sending out emails about that this weekend!

So tell me about your weekends, dear readers - what do you have planned? Anyone having a Superbowl party? Happy Friday friends!

Oh, and a quick shout out to one of my blogging BFFs Lisa - she's turning the big 29 tomorrow, so be sure to head over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

*Update: as of 6:15 this morning the government is not closed but they have a scheduled 4 hour early dismissal. I'll take what I can get!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for the birthday wish shout out! That was so sweet & thoughtful of you!!

I am having friends over for a little mexican fiesta tomorrow night - can't wait! I also have had a really miserable, stressful week and culminated yesterday with some tears... not fun. But tomorrow is my Birthday so I am going to focus on that & not on the not-so-great work week I've had!

Thanks again for thinking of me! Enjoy your short day! Snow days are awesome. I wouldn't mind one!

Nicole said...

Oh what a weeks it's been. I was bummed when I woke up to rain instead of snow. I was looking forward to an excuse to not go to work today. But I'll probably leave early at least.

Sunday will be awesome... GO COLTS! :)

Amber said...

I am running, doing homework, going to the hockey game and to the bar with some girlfriends. When your 21 if you want to spend time with friends it usually means going to the bar. Kind of annoying but meh. Haha!

Hope you have a great weekend. Not gonna lie, I don't miss the snow at all this winter! (Kamloops has had an incredibly mild winter which resulted in all of our snow melting at the beginning of January. LOVE IT)

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