Feb 2, 2010

Clean carpets are no fun in the dark

Our carpets look amazing. However, ten minutes before we left for the store tonight our power went out. (Before it even started snowing!) We went to my in-laws to charge our phones in case our power wasn't fixed by the time we got back.

Three and a half hours later we're in business. And it's time for bed. I'm willing to forgive the power company/snow if it shuts the federal government down tomorrow because I haven't had a snow day in years.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you get a snow day!!!! I would love one myself. I would still have to work, but working from home for a day would be so nice!!

Gracie said...

Snow day! Snow day! Snow day!

Roxmary said...

Too bad we didn't get a snow day. Did you hear about Friday and Saturday, we're suppose to get a couple of feet of snow which sucks since it just pushes everything back with getting the basement done =(

jamie said...

Did you get your snow day?!

Becky said...

No, no snow day, but it was breathtakingly beautiful on the drive to work yesterday so I really can't complain too much!

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